Media: the Wisconsin man shot daughter, outposts in drunken company

Resident of the village of Krasnogvardeyskoye in Adygeya dealt with his ex-wife. According to the source Agency “Interfax” in law enforcement, the man shot the woman, her cohabitant and his daughter. The suspect was declared wanted, but later he was found dead — probably took his own life.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

At the scene, investigators are working.

According to the telegram-channel “112”, the murderer was a man named Basil poles. The article says that he, being drunk, found his daughter in the company of drunk young men. He called the daughter of a prostitute and tried to bring up, but the girl stood up the young man and beaten Basil.

According to this version, he returned with two rifles, killed his daughter and critically wounding her defender. Then the killer revenge on ex — wife shot her and her boyfriend

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