“Putin made the summer Olympics games in Russia

– Russian President Vladimir Putin did not leave plans to hold in Russia the summer Olympics and other major sporting events, but the ultimate purpose calls the occasion, and the creation of infrastructure for the recovery of the Russians.

“The decision (to bid to host the summer Olympics in Russia – if), I have not changed, but we and application is not formalized, so you need to consider, where, how much it will cost when, then there is a certain schedule, it will be necessary to speak”, – Putin said at a meeting with volunteers on Friday during an inspection of the stadium in Kaliningrad.

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“Of course we’ll host major international competitions, and certainly that we need to do is download necessarily those facilities were built, which spent a lot of money. And did-that is, of course, for the world Cup (football – if), but the main ultimate goal of this is not just a holiday to arrange, although it is beautiful, and for holidays, weekdays come, and that the routine should be creative,” – said the head of state.

The President added that “we need to get young people trained here, that the sport has become a priority for millions of people to life expectancy, which we talked about, that these predictions came true.”

For this, according to him, it is necessary to reduce the influence of unpredictable factors: accidents, alcohol, drugs, Smoking.

“And for that it is necessary to save people from this infection? We should do sport, the facilities we must build. Now we have built, it is necessary to arrange that they functioned normally. Today we will talk about this” – said Putin. He noted that support programs for the development of the world Cup will last for five years – infrastructure should become self-sufficient by 2024.

The world Cup was held from 14 June to 15 July in Russia, the country took the world Cup.

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