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Croatian miracle does not descend from pages of Newspapers around the world. The final part of Luka Modric, Mario Mandzukic, Vedran Corluka and the company was not the happiest, but the team has performed well. We dialed our good friend, the goalkeeper of Croatian national sport — handball. Vlado Shola, Olympic champion in 2004 in Athens, answered immediately!

photo: Stanislav Kravchenko

From left to right: Mato Matijević, Vlado Shola and Zdravko Zovko the first foreign coaches in the Russian handball. 2011, Zvenigorod.

— Euphoria. Resigned Croatia with a “silver” world Cup already or want more? The question is you as a person who has achieved the absolute top — of the Olympic gold…

— We are still inspired by the team that made it to fit. I think the euphoria will last a few months. And maybe years.

What country is discussed in light of the success of the team?

— Yes, and almost every day. I myself in handball became the world champion, and Olympic champion, but it has nothing to do with football. Because this game is a global sport. For Croatia the finals — the opportunity to Express themselves around the world! Now we know almost everyone. I mean first of all a national character. As a team from a country with 4 million inhabitants was able to reach the final?..

Who, in your opinion, in your football team’s main star?

I don’t want to single out anyone individually. And I am sure so I will answer any in my country. Due to this, we have reached the final.

— I agree that the team made to match the national character of the Croats?

— Without a doubt. So. Our guys fought for every ball, every inch of the pitch, never gave up, didn’t give up. When you live in such a small country, you have no time to rest. You have to work and struggle to achieve results. The team reached the final, although football is the sort of thing that could give way at any moment. They were technical. Hardy. The game was attacking, beautiful. I hope you will agree that we were fun to watch!

— In Russia we have many who throughout the tournament were worried about your “fire” players, accused the referee of Nestor Pitana that he broke the game scenario this penalty after the replay. It also, in turn, can understand. What do you think?

— We have not discussed his actions and his final decision. More important to us that the team reached a decisive meeting and was not there as an extra. Indeed, the arbitrator influential figure, but in our culture is to enjoy the football we watched and rejoiced. Sometimes it hurt, but over the years we understand that this will eventually triumph. In 90 minutes we had been shown that they can and defeat France. Therefore Petanu we in Croatia will not scold. We’re still not change anything.

— The championship has become a test for goalkeepers. Many noted that the way to beat the balls of the feet characteristic of handball players. If Igor Akinfeev is still can be far-fetched, with regards to Daniel Subasic and Kasper Schmeichel — like, true. In both countries, handball, or “rukomet” in your language, an important element of the school curriculum!

Goalkeeper — no more than one of the roles in a football or handball team. But at a time when everything is at stake and no room for error when we play the lottery, the goalkeeper becomes something more than just a player. And it really depends very much.

— Who are you personally pleased with the team, and who has disappointed?

My team has pleased me more than others. I wasn’t looking, of course, all 64 matches, but at the end I would single out France and Russia. I swear!

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