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Criticized the US President for softness with Vladimir Putin media in other contexts would call it diplomacy, said Donald trump. He accused the mainstream media of hypocrisy, Recalling their reaction to the crisis with North Korea

Donald Trump

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US President, Donald trump reminded the mainstream American media that they scolded him for his rigidity with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, just as they criticize him now for the softness with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump traditionally called them fake media and concluded his tirade with the word “hypocrites.”

“I sharply criticized the fake media for the fact that I was too good for President Putin. Previously, it would be called diplomacy. If I were scathing and aggressive, I would be criticized for excessive rigidity. Remember how they said I was being too tough with Chairman Kim [Jong-UN]? Hypocrites!” — trump wrote in his Twitter.

In 2017, after a series of missile tests and successful tests of the DPRK nuclear charge of hydrogen is Washington headed for a sharp aggravation of relations with North Korea. The leaders of the US and the DPRK exchanged statements on the level of personal insults, and official statements contained open threats. USA said about the permissibility of war, in order to solve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang responded with statements about the readiness to wipe the United States off the face of the earth.

“Second half”: Putin and trump on the cover of the world’s media

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So, in September 2017, speaking from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, trump said that the US can “completely destroy” North Korea. However, the American leader stressed that the US will have to resort to such measures if Pyongyang were to continue its threats. North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, in response, called trump a “demented con man”

The American mainstream media, about 80% of them openly support the opponents of the trump and use any excuse to criticize the Republicans and their President, unwittingly played into the hands of Trump: they raised the noise helped to convince the North Korean leadership that the U.S. President is unpredictable and ready for the most decisive action. While the media was accusing trump of the edginess, unpredictability, and also that he puts the world on the brink of a new war with the possible use of nuclear weapons.

“A shameful page in the history of the tramp”: the Western media — summit in Helsinki


Trump’s tough policy has led to the fact that Kim Jong-UN went to negotiate, the rhetoric of both parties has changed, she became respectful to each other, and Pyongyang formally announced the policy of dekulakization.

After personal talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki trump, in turn, has criticized the makers of “fake news” and stated that they are pushing him to war with Russia. Left-wing media reacted to the summit of accusations trump the loss and betrayal.

Democratic American media have traditionally criticized Republican presidents and publish numerous negative articles about them. To trump the presidents tried not to come into conflict with the media, however, the incumbent President of the United States was the first, who publicly challenged them. He stated that he left the press prints about him a lot of lies, false data, based on the stories of non-existent sources and engenders against him a lot of unproven allegations, the main one is the collusion with Russia during the struggle for the presidency.

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