World Cup 2022: Qatar has promised the fans an Oriental fairy tale

The host country of world Cup 2022 was chosen in December 2010 in Zurich. And despite the rumors and corruption scandals, which could result in depriving Qatar the right to hold a major world football tournament, Russia has already handed over the powers of this mysterious Arab state. For most who came to us fans, too, Russia was a country of mystery, unknown and a little strange. To four years to be ready, let’s begin to get acquainted with Qatar right now.


Initially, the application of Qatar was the 12 stadiums and six of them in the capital — Doha. But for three years, as the organizing Committee is traded with FIFA for the world Cup matches have been only eight stadiums, believing that to 32 teams (and the increase in the number of teams to 48 only planned by 2026) that’s enough. Of the eight currently planned five stadiums will be built on existing or reconstructed.

“Al Bait”

Located in the town of al Khor, 60 km from Doha. Its name comes from the Arabic “Bayt al Shaar (tent of the nomads”) and will be done in a similar tent, which will cover absolutely the whole stadium. Occupancy during the world Cup 60 thousand seats, half of which after disassemble, and chairs will give “developing countries, who need the seats for stadiums”.

“Al-Bait”, as well as other objects, differs futuristic design.


Will be built (reconstructed) in place of the old stadium, “Ahmed bin Ali” in al-Rayyan. Capacity — 40 thousand seats, half of which after the end of the tournament will also give to developing countries.


Will be located in Doha. Externally resemble the traditional headdress of men in the Arab world — gofio. Half of the 40 thousand seats will be again donated to other countries.

“Al Wakrah”

The same 40 thousand seats, of which will remain as 20 thousand. Disassembled 50% will go to the same — on projects to develop football in the wealthiest countries.

“The educational city”

Really be in the Education city of Doha and coexist with major universities. After the world championship of 40 thousand seats will make 20 thousand, and leave the chair — you already know.

International stadium “Khalifa”

Have already been commissioned and even the competition takes. Arena with capacity of 40 thousand seats would remain after the world Cup in 2022.


This will be the main arena of the FIFA world Cup 2022, which will host the opening match and the final. Accommodate will be 86 thousand people, but most interesting is that the city where such a large-scale stadium will be located, began to be built only in 2006.

“The RAS Abu Aboud”

The most interesting stadium in the championship. It is calculated on 40 thousand places. But after disassemble not part of places and not even all the seats and the entire stadium. Because it is based on a project by the Spanish architects, in which the main construction material is a… port shipping container. The whole stadium will be modular, and after all his blocks and containers will be disassembled and subsequently used at other sports venues.

The Pros Of Qatar

First, it is an opportunity for football fans to get acquainted with brand new, unexplored, unique culture — because the world Cup will be held in the middle East, in an Arab country — as well as to try local dishes which at home probably cook better than worldwide. Well, then, Qatar can try these things that you hardly participated. For example, falconry. Or camel racing in the desert. It is possible to see pearl fishers: traditional Arabic fishing has become a part of the tourist attraction. Although to dive into the depths along with a well-trained diver you are unlikely.

Secondly, Qatar is the richest country, which has already promised to think about using the experience of Russia in regard to free use of guests of the championship. The organisation of the tournament hosts are going to spend $ 200 billion! (For comparison, Russia has spent about 11 billion) of Course, the main part will be allocated for the construction of stadiums and infrastructure (now the Finance Minister of Qatar Ali Shareef al-Emadi, weekly, spent about 500 million dollars), but for guests there are all sorts of surprises.

Thirdly, Qatar is very small country, so travel and travel between stadiums will not take much time and you will be able to attend a day two or three matches.

Possible problems

First and foremost is the heat. This problem is already partially decided by FIFA, the championship will be held from 21 November to 18 December 2022. In winter the average temperature there rarely rises above 30 degrees. In addition, the organizing Committee promised with the latest climate control to keep stadiums at a comfortable temperature.

Another problem — alcohol. The use of it is prohibited by law. In the country only one or two shops selling alcohol and buy there can only foreigners on a special card. But in hotels and bars please. In addition, Qatar is promising to make two types of fan zones: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Secondly you will be able to drink traditional beer.

The third problem is the appearance, especially women. Perhaps the ladies have to control myself and not much to be naked; however, in this, as in everything else, Qatar will surely promise to close my eyes.

Football in Qatar

According to the June 2018, Qatar in the FIFA rankings was occupied by the 98-th line. Quite a low position, given that it is the only team which is qualified for the world Cup in 2022 as the representative of the host country.

By the way, for the first time since 1934 to make the world Cup the country will not have previously participated in this tournament once. In 1934 it was Italy who won the tournament then. Well, even Uruguay in 1930, but it was the first world Cup in history, so it doesn’t count.

The championship of the Qatar football is from 1963, and there, by the way, I played in the twilight of his career, many football stars: Gabriel Batistuta, Stefan Effenberg, Frank Lebuf, Josep Guardiola, Marcel Desailly, Fernando Hierro and others. While Xavi is still playing.

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