“Hundreds of people in Nizhny Tagil came to say goodbye to the first wife of Vladimir Vysotsky

– Farewell ceremony with actress Nizhny Tagil drama theatre, the first wife of Vladimir Vysotsky by Iza Vysotskaya was held on Sunday in Nizhny Tagil, told “Interfax” Director of the theatre Olga Anisimova.

“I came hundreds of people: actors, Directors, journalists, viewers and friends. There were many warm words and tears. The farewell took place outside the theatre, she wanted it. Said on stage to play, and not to lie”, she said.

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At the theater you plan to install a commemorative plaque in honor of the actress. “With Iza Konstantinovna was the whole epoch, it was the great master of the stage, an example to all. The theatre is very lucky to have such a person working here. She played up to the last completed season. Been sick for the last year, but never really talked about it,” – said Anisimov.

Iza Vysotskaya died Friday morning at the age of 82.

Vysotskaya was born 22 January 1937. He graduated from the Studio school named Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow art theatre of the USSR in 1958, where he studied together with Vladimir Vysotsky. Worked in the Kiev theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, Rostov, Perm, Vladimir. 1970 was the artist of the Nizhny Tagil theater.

In 2017, has published a biographical book “With you and without you”, dedicated to the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky. The book was written based on the diaries ISA Vysotskaya and her correspondence with the mother of the poet and the actor.

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