Media: employee of “Synergy”, brought down the pregnant woman, want to be judged for the death of the fetus

Relatives of Muscovite, who died under the wheels rolling across the pavement the cars under the control of an employee of the University “synergy”, I want to sue the driver for the death of two people. The media learned that they intend to seek his conviction in the death of not only the pregnant woman but also her unborn daughter. 28-year-old Natalie was nine months.


“The family of the deceased Natalia Lvova want to recognize the unborn dead a girl of the victim,” reported Telegram-channel Mash.

The publication channel it is noted that in some countries children in the womb can be recognized as such, and in some cases the offender may face even life imprisonment. In Russia, however, the court does not recognize human victims before his birth.

“Relatives and lawyers are ready to seek the most severe punishment,” continues the channel.

As reported “MK”, the tragedy occurred on June 18 on the Upper Maslovka. An employee of the University Mikhail Isakhanov on his BMW took off on the sidewalk and dared the group of people standing at the intersection waiting for the green signal of the traffic light. Under the car was a pregnant Natalia on his way home after passing the last tests before childbirth, and another woman. On the last it was reported that it managed to get to a hospital alive, the victim was placed in intensive care.

On a place of road accident the driver has refused medical survey. The witnesses of the tragedy reported that his behavior did not arouse suspicion: alcohol is not smelled, he immediately jumped out of the car and grabbed his head. The driver also explained that just tried to slip on “yellow”, but has already begun a counter-movement, and he had to Dodge a collision. Isahanov also assured that he wants to compensate victims for damages.

When it became known that since the start of the year, it 49 times brought to administrative responsibility.

In mid-July, was arrested the head of the 3rd Department of the Investigative unit of the police Department for CAO Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Mamonov, who was investigating an accident on the Upper Maslovka. Together with the commander of a separate battalion of traffic police of traffic police of Department of internal Affairs on Sao Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Belousov, he is suspected of extortion of a businesswoman.

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