Poroshenko rights: the triumph of the Ukrainian Moustache over Russian by Gassieva – victory

“And he gets healthy hell! I see – to be trouble. After all, Boxing is not a fight, it is a sport of the brave, etc”. Why? Why line of Vladimir Vysotsky was not finished at the Olimpiyskiy in Moscow in the night from 21 to 22 July? Alexander Usik left Murat Gassiev chance. The finals of the world Boxing Series (WBSS) revealed absolute world champion in the first heavy weight, and the trophy named Muhammad Ali found the owner.

photo: Victor Worms

Prospekt Mira. The night of Boxing began over an hour ago, but the stadium full of people. 70 percent of them – with symbols Ossetia. They are singing, having fun, chanting “Murat, Murat!”, but inside do not enter.

Cafes and restaurants in the vicinity of the “Olympic” overcrowded to find at least one free table was possible only after 40 minutes of festivities around the arena. “Sorry, no vacancies” – a phrase we began to hear a little more than debates and predictions on the upcoming fight.

What is it? Did the same atmosphere, which is so praised colleagues who worked on the world championship 2018? And this is after we’ve been spoiled by the world Cup, and expectations from major sporting events automatically is very high. Is all – in, as it seemed a year ago, a dying Boxing, and even in Russia?!

… The stadium was filled slowly. At 22:30 at the entrance was still crowded with fans, but now they were Ukrainian flags. Surrealism 2018, I thought. But then said to myself that, actually, as it should be – with fraternization and sick for her, not against strangers.

Expectations from the match was the highest, which is already there. “Who were out of school, to the University to do nothing,” – said Oleksandr Usyk on the eve of the battle, answering the question of Amateur and professional Boxing. Actually, this was the question: a technique and tactics of the Ukrainian, or the pressure and might Gassieva?

The answer was found too quickly. Too fast for those who turned in the Ossetian flags was screaming bloody murder when any action of Murat. Who, culturally, taking off shoes, stood on chairs directly on the ground, if only to better see. Who called the operator at ring a geek with a camera, because he failed to see a powerful overhand casting from Gassieva.

The response was disappointing. Because scream had hope, action was too little, and overhand casting was the only one. It’s a trophy of Mohammed Ali and win it was obliged it techie. The mustache is incredibly moving, filled glasses and proved that all the hype around him before the fight – that he did not will that he parted with the coach that he’s not in the best shape – it was either false or deliberately neglected.

Continue the lines from Vysotsky Gassieva failed. “Here he struck one, two, three – and he lost strength. I hand raised by the referee which I was not beaten”. The tendril was not exhausted, and in Boxing, like in football, to win one needs to score goals. In the song of Vladimir Semenovich, and after the words “this is a sport of the brave” is “etc” – there is hidden the whole essence. Murat, of course, courageous. But in comparison with Alexander he was not “etc” – let’s unpack this, as technical or tactical actions.

Therefore, the absolute world champion was the Tendril: it has now the titles for the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called it a coming nearer victory. More specifically, he was encouraged by the fact that the sound of the national anthem in Moscow. Not going to say anything about wins or what the final was held in Moscow, not in Kiev, nor the fact that Ukraine did not have the applicants to hold at least a tournament or something WBSS, nor that of the three top Ukrainian boxers Moustache, Alexandra Cloves and Vasyl Lomachenko for a professional career in the homeland fought only a Mustache, and the last time was in 2015. No, why.

After Poroshenko’s right – a win and approaching really. Victory of sport over this rotten political overtones, which some are trying to impose. Reprises their fantasies in the best case in front of the TV, much better is the picture of how Russians and Ukrainians hate each other in “Olympic”.

Because the TV is not showing the guys in shirts “Murat Gassiev” I congratulate the guys with Ukrainian flags. Not showing as several Ossetian boys, with bowed head sitting three hundred meters from the stadium on the border, and passing by the Ukrainians welcomed them and added in Russian: “We are from Odessa. And we say Hello to you!”.

All this is not visible. But a hint of it in the screen is still present: when Gassiev and Barbel photographed with each other in an embrace after the fight.

Not opposite each other.

With each other.

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