The expert assessed the departure of the brothers Berezutsky: “Not to die on the field”

Defenders of CSKA Vasily and Alexey Berezutskiy declared the end of career as players. On the official website of the football club they sent a letter to the fans. “To know that it is time to begin a new stage of life for a professional athlete is never easy, and many do not feel this point. For us it’s about time. Today with a slight sadness, but with complete confidence in your decision we are announcing the completion of a career of professional football players”, — they wrote, also thanking the leadership of the team.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The decision of the brothers Berezutsky commented our resident expert — bronze medalist at the 1966 FIFA world Cup, honored master of sports of the USSR and ex-player of CSKA Vladimir Ponomarev.

— The guys did the right thing retired. Think about it: they are in fact for 36 years. I was done with football 30, before I was called back in the team. But I decided not to risk it. Until recently, the twins have not had any serious injuries, the brothers well lived his sporting life. But out on the football field is very difficult. To concentrate begin the night before the match. Sometimes the game dream, in the dream, replaying all the situations that can happen on the field. When you come to the game, like turn on the machine. So each player.

Of course, Babysitting a pair of CSKA — loss for the team. But they expect their hand. You want to see them continue, but they now die on the football field?! And health be like? Heart vessels — not eternal units, especially under such crazy loads. Only from the outside it may seem that football is played tin soldiers. It is not so!

Berezutskiy away from second place, won a lot in his career. It is a pity that did not participate in a home world Cup. It had necessarily to pass — it happens only once in a lifetime. Here Sergei Ignashevich decided, acted and shouted his name in history.

— What should be the new CSKA without Berezutsky and Ignashevich?

— Now took new players in Central defence. Look for them in official matches — and then you will have something to say. The team needs to gel together, players will begin to interact with each other. It is very good that Gancharenko now trusts youth, it is correct, although experienced players will usually only need less time to learn. Young hard to fit in with the team. The midfield is there, but the defense needs fixing, see how it feels Nababkin and Schennikov.

Given such a significant renewal of the composition, what can be the tasks to the teams of CSKA for the coming season?

Prize — winning place in the championship of Russia. It’s in the first place, and then — look, the pattern will gradually emerge. Can not be that we have no talented guys. And the fact that I bought a couple of people, too.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko
Army brothers — the most famous twins of Russian football. At least not yet.

A few words about the national team. You said that with the participation of brothers Berezutsky national team of Russia could be successful.

— It is. We were together at the opening of the world Cup, I talked to them. Asked: “why are you Guys threw Ignashevich?” They laughed and said: “Let him alone to work”. Of course, I would like to participate in the world championship. After all, the younger brothers of Ignashevich. Maybe they didn’t want to finish his career with a bad result. Remember, in what a deplorable state was our team recently: lost to Brazil, with Turkey also played very bad…

If the defense team at the world Cup was “army” — Berezutskiy right and left, in the center of Ignashevich and Fernandez, Akinfeev at the gate — we would play in the final. Played defense! Sure 100 percent. It is a pity that they did not agree to stay.

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