Water heater destroyed the apartment of the family, which fell all the misery

Loud literally shook in the early Sunday morning quiet of the village Novorublevo city Taldom district of the Moscow region. In the bathroom one of the apartments, the water heater exploded, destroying the once… 5 walls, including one carrier. Fortunately, all four family members, who at that time slept, survived.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred at 6 am. The household was awakened by a terrible roar, and at the same moment the three of them — brother, sister and stepfather — were entombed under a pile of stones. The only person not overwhelmed “construction debris,” a senior 22-year-old brother, Eugene, who immediately rushed to dig his relatives. Serious injuries none of them had received, and however, 15-year-old girl (she was cut eyebrow) medics arrived literally 10 minutes after the explosion, was hospitalized by ambulance in the emergency Department of the hospital. By the way, the defective device that has always worked in the automatic mode, for 10 years. The family acquired its urgent need: hot water in the village only in winter. And with the advent of heat hot water is turned off, so that almost all the locals have long got their own water heaters.

By the way, trouble follows this family for several years. Not so long ago died the landlady, and her three children were left orphans. Despite the fact that two of them are already adults, all the worries about the security of the family took the stepdad, who works at the factory. Then a small case found a senior stepson — he began to repair in his garage old cars. However, because the garage is practically under the Windows of the house, the neighbors started harassing the young man, demanding him to stop his “professional activity” and succeeded. And now the family lost their apartment. The explosion of the water heater destroyed it completely and now have lost their homes to tenants given a room in the hostel.

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