Wife threw up in a taxi: the husband beat her and shot of patron

Compassionate people were in a hospital bed after he tried to protect a woman from her enraged spouse. Drunk man decided to explain to passers-by that it is not necessary to go into his family business, using a traumatic gun.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred late on Saturday evening, July 21, on the street Rudnevka in the yard of the house №9. The couple of local residents were returning home by taxi. Both of them were drunk. On the road the lady was seasick, and she emptied her stomach right in the car. This led her husband into a rage. Leaving the car, was blessed with their fists to explain his betrothed, she was wrong.

— Woman shouting: “Help!”, and he did not stop, — said the eyewitness of the incident. — Husband beat her with fists on the body that is strength. She fell to the ground, but he continued kicking her. Around quickly a crowd gathered. People words tried to persuade to pity the unhappy, but it didn’t work. The man only snarled in response. Then the three men began to pull. The woman rose from the ground and proceeded to the entrance. The assailant followed her, he had a terrible fight and wings all mate. Defenders who tried to stop the scandal, he was afraid that he would kill her and decided to sacrifice a tyrant to the apartment.

Rising to his floor, the man took home from a traumatic gun and shot the defenders. One of them, the bullet hit the jaw, the second in the neck and heart area. Hurt and third defender. All the men were hospitalized. The police arrived just five minutes, so the shooter managed to escape and was arrested.

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