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Almost a year after agreement on a deal to buy Rocketbank “FC Opening” the QIWI group managed to close it. The delay was caused by the fact that the transaction was verified, the Central Bank

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The QIWI group and “FC Opening” has reached agreements on the completion of the sale of Rocketbank. “Over the past few months, we with a management “FC Opening” discussed the format, timing and conditions of transfer of the assets of Rocketbank in QIWI, and we have reached agreement on the completion of this transaction, — have informed RBC in the press service QIWI. — Now there is a transition of infrastructure, business processes and client base Rocketbank in QIWI Bank (part of QIWI group), migration will end October 1, 2018″.

In August 2017 the QIWI group has acquired all the key assets, Rocketbank and “Points”, including and trademarks, for 700 million rubles, said QIWI. But after typing in “FC Opening” of the transitional administration and the beginning of procedure of reorganization, the Central Bank said that the deal could be revised. The parameters of the purchase transaction, Rocketbank has since been in the process of negotiation, told in the press service QIWI.

On Tuesday, July 24, “Rocketbank” announced on its website about the change of partner’s Bank “FC Opening” at QIWI Bank. According to the annual report for the year 2017 of the QIWI group, “FC Opening” owns 11.3% of the voting shares of the group, 59.4% of the shares are owned by the General Director of group Sergey Corned beef.

As for “the Point”, the fate of this asset was solved in a different way. In June, the Bank “FC Opening” and QIWI announced the creation of JSC “Point” digital Bank “Dot” format “Multibank platform,” which will continue to work on the infrastructure of the Bank “FC Opening” and QIWI Bank. Controlling stake in the joint venture (50% plus one action) belongs to the “FC Opening”, QIWI — 40%, 10% — management “Points”. Financial results “Point” “FC Opening” and QIWI will be participating in the proportions 45%, 10% will be in management “Points”. Investments in JSC “Point” will amount to 4 billion roubles from everyone involved to return to profitability, which is expected by the first quarter of 2019. Sergey Solonin in June 2018, said that QIWI has already invested in the spot its 2 billion rubles.

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