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Turkey in the near future will not get new F-35 because of a deal with Moscow for the s-400, the draft defense budget of the United States. At the same time, Congress decided not to punish India, Vietnam and Indonesia for purchase of Russian weapons

The F-35

(Photo: Jameson E. Lynch / U.S. Navy / Reuters)

In accordance with the decision of the US Congress delivery of the fifth generation fighter F-35 Turkey will be suspended, to be agreed by both houses of Congress version of the appropriation act for national defense in 2019 (*pdf). The reason for this was Ankara’s decision to buy Russian s-400.

The transfer of combat aircraft will be suspended until until the Pentagon doesn’t give Congress their assessment of the consequences of the contract between Russia and Turkey on the s-400 and the impact of exclusion of Turkey from the programme for the construction of fighters to U.S.-Turkish relations. Their ideas for this reason analysts of the military Department must provide a 90-day period.

The contract to supply Turkey with Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 (they must be transferred to Ankara in the summer of 2019), coordinated at the highest level, has raised the IRE of Washington. In particular, due to the fact that the “Rosoboronexport”, which is the exclusive exporter of the Russian arms, is the target of US sanctions in accordance with the law CAATSA (“ON countering the enemies of America through sanctions”).

In accordance with the draft defense budget from the effect of possible sanctions, the White house will be able to bring three buyers of Russian weapons is India, Vietnam and Indonesia. However, the exception will operate temporarily and sanctions against these countries can be entered if they don’t start “to reduce its dependence on Russian military-industrial complex”, follows from the document.

The militarization of the Trump: it promises the world a new Pentagon budget


Delivery of F-35 Turkey started in the end of June, when the first aircraft was formally handed over to the Turkish side at the air base, Fort Wayne in Texas. This fighter had to stay in the U.S. for use in the preparation of the Turkish pilots to the new machines. Transfer F-35 Turkey took place against the backdrop of the decision of the Senate of the United States, accepted at the time the amendments to the law on the defense budget. To continue supply, the US administration must convince the congressmen that the deal between Ankara and Moscow via s-400 simultaneous sending Turkey new fighters is without prejudice to the national interests of the United States.

USA gave Turkey’s first F-35 in spite of the ban of the Senate


The day before, July 24, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a speech in Parliament assured the MPs that the assurances of supply of fighters was given to him personally by Donald trump. “The President of the United States trump in the course of our meeting in the Belgian capital Brussels [NATO summit] showed the corresponding written statement. About it speech does not go. We do not have any apprehension on this issue”, — quotes the words of Erdogan TRT. In total, Turkey intends to buy around 100 fifth generation fighter.

Against the exclusion of Turkey from the program of deliveries of the F-35 was expressed earlier and the Pentagon, pointing out that Turkey is both a producer of parts for aircraft. For this reason was expressed by the head of the military Department of the United States James Mattis, who wrote a letter to the Congress. “At this stage I’m against the exclusion of Turkey from the program F-35. This initiative will violate the international supply chain of components for aircraft of the fifth generation,” he said.

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