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Trump believes that the mutual and simultaneous lifting of all tariff barriers can complete a trade war between the US and the EU. This proposal he will be able to discuss with the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker heading to Washington

Donald Trump

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Donald trump on the eve of talks on trade issues in relations between the US and the EU posted a tweet, in which he proposed his recipe for ending trade war. They became mutual refusal of the US and the EU barriers to the movement of goods.

“I have an idea for them (the EU countries. — RBC). The US and EU to cancel all tariffs, barriers and subsidies! This will mark the onset of the free market and fair trade,” wrote the American President.

Trump stressed that Washington is ready to begin implementing such measures. At the same time, the White house questioned the fact that the same step pidot EU members.

The negotiations that gave rise to such statements, will be in Washington on Wednesday, July 25. To solve the accumulated contradictions in the United States sent the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, member of the EC in trade matters Cecil Malmstrom. “Countries that for many years were dishonest with us trade, will arrive for talks in Washington. This meeting was supposed to happen a few years ago, however, as the saying goes, “better late than never!”, — spoke on the eve of trump about the upcoming meeting.

The end of consensus: what will become of the WTO in the era of trade wars trump


According to Financial Times, the EU countries are discussing several options of conflict resolution. So, Germany, worried about the White house plans to establish tariff barriers for the European automotive industry, proposes to the consideration of the transaction between the largest car manufacturers of the EU and the United States to reduce duties. A more radical option involves the establishment of a multilateral deal to abolish tariffs on a wide range of products. However, the FT is skeptical about the possibility of concluding a bilateral deal with the United States for the removal of tariff barriers, since in this case the European agricultural market will be under pressure from American manufacturers. In addition, according to the WTO rules prohibiting the introduction of preferential treatment for one partner at the same time, the EU will eliminate duties on supplies of goods from other countries and organizations, including from Canada.

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