Became known, who missed the murderer of the girl in Serpukhov: former narkopolitseyskie

The details of the biography of the former district of Serpukhov near Moscow Georgy Kuznetsov on the territory of which the killer was living a pedophile Alexander Semin, became known to “MK”. It turned out that it got under article of the criminal code “Aniskin” — the friend of another who was dismissed from the scandal of former district Alexander Gruznova. The guard ignored the complaints of the mother of two children Margarita Gracheva for her husband (recall, later husband hacked off her hands).

photo: Varfolomeev

As it became known “MK”, the investigators examined all the complaints about Alexander Semin of local residents, which are addressed to his district — at the time they were 29-year-old Georgy Kuznetsov. They found a statement of a woman who 6 June 2017 pointed out inappropriate behavior Semina (the man chased her daughter with his pants down). However, Kuznetsov has not reviewed on this appeal (perhaps because it would have a negative impact on the results of his work). 4 July 2017 he issued a refusal to Institute criminal proceedings. Investigators believe that this circumstance gave Semin a sense of impunity. Eventually on Sunday he lured to his apartment 5-year-old girl Vida.

From MIA Kuznetsov retired in September 2017. The other day he was interrogated, he currently is involved as a suspect. According to the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady, a criminal case under article “Excess of powers of office”.

Interestingly, before becoming a district, in 2000-ies Kuznetsov along with his best friend Alexander by Groznova worked by police. Pals successfully arrested the drug dealers, for what repeatedly received departmental awards. MIA friends went together in 2009, got a job in the service precinct. There they continued implementing their developments for drug-related crimes. Perhaps it is because of this passion, the police do not pay attention to the treatment of local residents.

According to the recollections of former colleagues, Kuznetsov was a fan of “Spartacus.” And remember that is often sick with colds and one broken arm. Kuznetsov’s wife is still at work in the system of the Ministry of internal Affairs, cynologist.

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