Eks-the participant “Houses-2” mutilated competitor on the set of the well-known blogger

The former participant of reality show “Dom-2” Svetlana Yurchenko suffered on the set of the Amiran Sardarov blogger “Hachu a bride.” The girl lashed out with his fists competitor.

photo: instagram.com/agent_kukolka

Svetlana managed to play in three editions of the new show in which girls fight “for the heart” Sardarov.

However, at the next filming Yurchenko lashed out with his fists competitor, reports StarHit.

According to the victim, a rival first hit her in the nose, after which Svetlana fell. However, she allegedly continued to kick lying on the floor the competitor feet.

The next day Svetlana felt ill and called an ambulance. The girl was hospitalized and was in the hospital for six days. The victim was diagnosed with closed fracture of the nose and traumatic brain injury.

“Now I have a crooked nose. The desired operation. And I can’t even claim moral compensation,” complained Svetlana, adding that the relevant requirements have been written into her contract. Nevertheless the girl promised to write to the offender a statement to the police.

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