For the execution of the kitten Altai zhivoderok punished registration

The police put on record two Altai Schoolgirls, who killed the kitten, and took the process execution on the video. In social networks, meanwhile, has been simmering scandal that outraged citizens demand investigation against zhivoderok.


About the terrible crime of the two girls became known after appearing on the network the video, filmed by the killers. The video was shot by one of ipoderac, the second, her older sister, at this point was out of a defenseless animal with an axe. Both fun giggling. The girls were daughters of the head of the village Council Burlin Mikhailovsky district of the Altai territory.

Shortly after the Internet scandal broke, dad young monsters deleted his page in the social network, while writing “I apologize to all… we are all in shock.”

As he wrote, “MK Barnaul”, in an interview with reporters a parent tried to justify daughters: kitty de was sick, they wanted to spare him from suffering.

“She treated him, eyes wiped, his seizures were. He mewed and screamed. We weren’t home, and she decided to clean it up,” said the father. According to him, in the family at that time did not specify exactly how the girl was going to “remove” the kitten, and she condemned her act.

Media reported that before the bureaucratic career Victor Strauch worked at the school, his wife is a teacher and the eldest daughter, the one who on camera killed an animal was going to become a veterinarian.

Parents zhivoderok told reporters that interviewed the children, punished, and that they all understand. The father also complained that he and the members of the family began to receive threats from outraged citizens.

Citizens really outraged. The daughters of the official was written statements to the Ministry of internal Affairs and SK, Altai Prosecutor’s office reported that it intends to interview the ladies and on the results to decide on further measures. While no action was taken.

We only know that zhivoderok put on preventive record in the police force, reported by Telegram channel Life Shot.

Meanwhile, the Network is gaining popularity of the petition for the investigation in respect of ipoderac. Some days it was signed by 50 thousand people.

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