The investigator released the contents of the letters Chikatilo

Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo described the story of his life and terrible crimes in the letters from the detention center, thinking that they see only the lawyer. In fact, all 25 letters on 3-4 pages, written on both sides, were read by the investigator, the investigators and psychiatrist Alexander bukhanovsky, is told in published on the Youtube channel “The people” the movie “30 myths about Chikatilo”.

photo: AP

Some details of the author of the film participated in the capture of the maniac General-the militia major Victor Burakov, who departed this life July 20, this year. According to him, the first confession of Chikatilo gave it Bojanowska. But then the investigator Issa Kostoev diligently suppressed the role of a doctor and trained psychiatrist, the materials were deliberately removed from the case.

“He was mentally ill, he should have been treated,” Burakov said in an interview. Some participants searches of a serial killer in an interview saying that the death penalty Chikatilo was the result of pressure on the court.

“Chikatilo murders after some time could not navigate. Within 10-15 minutes he was stabbed through the trees, to somehow calm down – this excited he was,” recalled Burakov.

Chikatilo was active from 1978 to 1990, during this time, committing 53 murders.

“Relatives rushed to the net. He sat with his head down and didn’t react, he told a former investigator on the trial of Chikatilo. Over time, his behavior began to change. This was due to the attempt to prove that he was sick, to influence the judge and those present in the hall. He started to bend the person to show that he had some spasms. I was a witness of how he actually took off his pants in the courtroom”.

According to Burakova, Chikatilo was very fond of his children. “In these letters which I, his wife wrote: “Dear Fenichka, my maiden, my dear”, “Yura, I love you” to my son”, – said the investigator.

The author asked a colleague Burakova, did Chikatilo and his wife’s sex life. According to the wife of a sexual predator, over the course of a marriage – about 25 times. Surprised at the question why the woman didn’t break up with him, she replied in the spirit of “don’t drink, smoke, everything in the house bears, why look for better?”

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