The Yaroslavl guards have started to accept this: the first confessed the “despised”

Today, a court in Yaroslavl needs to choose a measure of restraint to the members of the local colony, which was accused of torture of the prisoner. One of the detained employees have already pleaded guilty — that the warden, the prisoners hate almost more than the rest.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We are talking about the senior inspector of Department of safety IK-1 Maxim Yablokov. During the meeting, his lawyer asked the court to attach a copy of his surrender, RIA Novosti reported.

In addition, the defender petitioned for custody pre — trial agreement in this case, the accused may rely on more lenient punishment.

Note that in this colony he served his sentence one of the defendants in the “Bolotnaya case” Ivan the forgetful. After the scandal, the former prisoner who now lives in the United States, described some of the guards. While Yablokov, in his words, the prisoners hated the most.

“Suspended devils. Among them, the most foul: Yablokov (they call diarrhea, cons it can’t stand),” wrote the forgetful.

Prisoner Evgeny Makarov, who was tortured by the guards, was transferred to another prison prior to the publication of videos of abuse. ‘ve seen him the head of the Council on human rights Mikhail Fedotov.

Details in article “have Suffered torture in the Yaroslavl colony Makarov spoke again”

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