“This is a role-playing game”: special forces, explained why he had kidnapped and raped the girl

To determine whether there is a criminal component in role-playing games, which started with her friend SWAT officer from Yakutia, have the capital guards. The girl took the man’s desire to diversify leisure as an infringement on their honor.

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As it became known “MK”, senior officer of the crew compartment of the special rapid reaction unit of the office of Regardie in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 29-year-old Bronislaw decided to diversify a holiday with new impressions. Lovely lady he was looking for on a Dating site on the Internet. And after a while saw a picture of a cute girl named Alexandra. On the page she wrote honestly that is in search of a sponsor. Bronislaw was presented by the businessman, ready to take her to Bali. Correspondence was fastened. Arriving in early July in the capital to leave, the guard invited Alexander to meet. In the end, agreed on a joint viewing of a football match Russia — Croatia at the capital bar in Skakovaya street. To impress a girl, the guards have not regretted 14 thousand rubles for the rental of a white Cadillac Escalade, as well as 10 thousand rubles, a country house in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region.

To view the football battle couple was late, and Bronislaw offered to change the plans for the evening. According to police, he stopped, sat on the back seat, and new friends started to kiss. To impress Alexander with originality, Bronislaw started role playing: tied girl hands and feet are black ropes from the suitcase, put on his head a mask on top and wrapped his eyes with adhesive tape. And then drove to the rented house and the owner moved across the threshold. For some time, according to men, they comfort themselves and even took a shower together. However, his partner was supposedly interested only when there will be a trip to Bali. Alexander also asked me to give her 50 thousand on clothes for the trip. The man in the answer has offered to go shopping together.

At the very same ladies another version of the events. Alexander claims that went to the meeting only because the President promised a relaxed viewing of a football match, referring to the knowledge of the owner of the bar. But during the trip, the man suddenly blocked the door to the car and started to beat her, and then brought to a country house where abused. And filming everything on a camera phone. Further, the man allegedly put Alexander in the car and landed not far from Khimki. And already in the taxi the girl reached the capital and went to the police.

Criminal proceedings were instituted under three articles of the criminal code. Bronislaw will be responsible for the kidnapping, rape and forced sexual acts.

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