Ukrainian major, “hammer” hit to death in Kiev, a 10-year-old Muscovite

In Kiev as a result of the collision of an SUV killed 10-year-old girl from Moscow. She, along with her mother and brother came to the capital of Ukraine to visit relatives. Behind the wheel of a “Hummer” was a local “C”: 23-year-old man after road accident tried to flee and resisted arrest.


The tragedy took place the night before on the Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka. The girl and her family crossing the road on green light the Zebra crossing, but the driver “hammer” decided to slip and knocked the child.

As a result, the girl was under the wheels of the jeep. According to eyewitnesses, the heavy SUV dragged her for 50 metres before he stopped. The girl died in the ambulance.

Immediately after the accident the driver tried to escape, but prevented the witnesses. Meanwhile, the young man managed to remove the “thieves” numbers АІ8888.

During the arrest, the driver tried to resist and screamed of being “unfair”.

The Ukrainian mass media found out that was driving Cyril Ostrowski born in 1995. A former boxer is now the owner of the company Fit&Sweet, which sells the fitness of sweets.

As writes the edition Factii that the deceased girl was visiting relatives in Kiev from Moscow.

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