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The former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort asked to withdraw from the materials of the case against him photos where he is shown with former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

Attorneys Paul Manafort, who is suspected of dodging taxes, and demanded to remove from the case of political consultant 474 pages, reports Bloomberg. It is including photographs taken during operation of Manafort in Ukraine, where he helped Viktor Yanukovych during the election campaign. The lawyers said that all of these materials are “inappropriate, biased and affect the course of the process.” According to them, the pictures that wants to prosecute the special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is not directly refer to the accusations of Manafort.

In the American office of public Prosecutor with the arguments of the lawyers are not agreed. There stated that these documents clearly show how to earn money in Ukraine Manafort, and the people in the pictures are the ones who passed the political consultant money is subsequently transferred into accounts in offshore zones.

In Manafort threw a flag on the exit of the court


On the photos you can see Manafort, who shakes hands with Yanukovych, and also the former President of Ukraine while shooting commercials.

According to us prosecutors, Manafort earned several million dollars while working for Yanukovych and withheld them from the tax authorities. In addition. The former head of the electoral headquarters suspected that in Ukraine, it carried out illegal lobbying activities. Thus in the case does not say that Manafort was somehow linked to Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election.

Conspiracy of Manafort: what accuse the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump


In late June Reuters reported that one of the companies of Manafort received a loan in the amount of $10 million from Oleg Deripaska. This loan, as reported, belonged to the middle of 2000-ies, when Manafort worked in Ukraine.

In March last year, the Associated Press reported that Manafort from 2006 to 2009 he worked for Deripaska and was paid $10 million a year. The Russian businessman has accused the Agency of slander and sued him in court, demanding compensation in the amount of $75 million, the Representative of Deripaska said RBC that Manafort advised Deripaska on investment issues, but this cooperation was terminated. A businessman has withdrawn a lawsuit against the Agency in December last year.


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