The Central Bank issued into circulation coins with the Wolf and Hare from “Nu, pogodi!” :: Finance :: RBC

In circulation issued trehubenko and silver coins of non precious alloy in the denominations of 25 rubles to the image of the main characters of the animated film


The Bank of Russia announced the release into circulation commemorative coins of silver and non-precious alloy with a picture of a Wolf and a Hare — heroes of the cult Soviet cartoon “Nu, pogodi!”, the first series of which was published in July 1969.

The circulation of silver coins face value 3 roubles (each coin weighs over 31 grams, and therefore worth much more than face value) amounted to only 3 thousand pieces, so get these coins to collectors. But coins of copper-Nickel alloy in denominations of 25 rubles issued half a million copies, of which 50 thousand coins will be in special versions, and 450 thousand — in the ordinary.


The Central Bank issued coins in honor of the Winnie-the-Pooh and the Investigative Committee


The first differ from the second execution of the relief images of dancing on skates the wolf and the Rabbit (scene of the eighth edition of the cartoon, released in 1974). On the coins of the special issue this image is done in color. Next to the silhouettes of cartoon characters on the coins of both types is the inscription “Nu, pogodi!”.

“The coins are lawful means of cash payment in territory of the Russian Federation and is obligatory to reception face value in all kinds of payments without any restrictions”, — is spoken in the message of the Central Bank.

New commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank in the series “Russian (Soviet) animation”, in which the previously released coins with the image of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet cartoon Fyodor Khitruk and three heroes from the same series of animated films of Studio “Mill”.

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