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The DPRK continues to work on the creation of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, despite with the United States agreement. Such data obtained by the American intelligence services

Photo: KCNA / Reuters

US intelligence agencies received information that the DPRK is working on the production of at least two Intercontinental missiles at the research center under Senandung Pyongyang. Sources of the newspaper The Washington Post in the intelligence agencies reported that these data were obtained through satellite imagery that have been made in the last few weeks.

The missiles experts have not seen, however, the photographs were seen shrouded trucks, which previously transported such shells.

The publication indicates that the data of special services came amid ongoing negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington on disarmament after meeting Donald trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Last week, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during the hearings in the Senate acknowledged that, according to him, the DPRK has not stopped work on nuclear weapons, moving it in a secret facility, Kingson. While the foreign Minister did not answer the question, does North Korea new means of delivery.

After the meeting, Kim Jong-UN with trump Pyongyang strongly demonstrated commitment to disarmament: including ground, where testing of nuclear weapons. Dismantled the equipment and on the ground the Plow where produced to launch rockets with satellites. However, the company Sanomaeng, which was created by the missile Hwasong-15, capable of reaching the United States, the work is not frozen.

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