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From 1 September, the VTB Bank will launch a robot to collect debt from customers, said the Chairman of the Board of Bank Anatoly Pechatnikov. According to him, in automatic pilot mode, the system operates more efficiently than live employees

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VTB Bank is testing the robot manifold to work with overdue debts of individuals in the early stages. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Bank Anatoly Pechatnikov, reports “Interfax”.

“He’s in that pilot, and from September 1 we in production mode translate. He will call our debtors,” — said Deputy Chairman of VTB.

The automatic system will inform clients about the occurrence of delinquency on the payment and the amount and timing of repayment, and also offers customers to consent to extinguish it.

According to Pechatnikov, in pilot mode, the robot shows the best performance when recovering debt than the Bank’s employees and the maintenance costs are significantly lower than the cost of maintaining them.

“The robot always in a good mood, not prone to emotional turmoil, which may affect the quality of the work. Plus it always fulfils the quality standards”, — said the Chairman, adding that the system is designed to operate with debt for a period from zero to 30 days. With a more complex and lengthy cases will continue to work.

Robot collector: as Sberbank automatiseret debt collecting

The trick

VTB is not the first Russian Bank that use special software to recover overdue debts. In 2017 to apply the developed based on artificial intelligence system for repayment of the debt began to Sberbank. Its developer made “daughter of” Sberbank “Asset BK”. The creators of the system, in conversation with the correspondent of RBC explained that she is able not only to translate scripts (i.e. pre-prepared phrase), but also to answer questions of the client, depending on its replicas.

In addition, the banking market is actively using the chat-bots, able to automatically respond to the same type of customer questions in written form.

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