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Working pensioners continue to make contributions to the Pension Fund, so they provided an annual procedure for the allocation of current pensions. This year the maximum increase will amount to 235 rubles., reported to the FIU

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The pension Fund of Russia made a recalculation of the insurance pensions to working in the year 2017 pensioners, whereby pensions for this category increased from 1 August, the report said the FIU, received by RBC.

The recalculation involved all working pensioners receiving a pension insurance for old age or disability, which, in 2017, the premium paid by their employers.

“The maximum increase as a result of the recalculation is limited to three pension points, calculated at a cost of 2017 and is 235,74 rubles.”, — the document says. Just for the recalculation of pensions in the budget of the FIU in 2018 laid 10.7 billion rubles.

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FIU makes annual recalculation due to the fact that working pensioners continue to receive their salaries, and their employers continue to make contributions to the Pension Fund. The specific amount for each employee pensioner is calculated individually because it depends on the size of his salary. For non-working pensioners annually indexation of pensions, which are not intended for those who are still working despite reaching retirement age.

Last year, the allocation for working pensioners were also held in August, and the average size increase was 169 rubles.

In July 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said the government is reviewing the indexation of pensions for pensioners. According to her, the government agreed that the indexation of pensions will be carried out once a year, January 1 (now two times per year, February 1 — the level of inflation and from April 1 — proceeding from the budget of the FIU).

The pension Fund has presented the calculations of increase in pensions


A new approach to the indexation of pensions will be proposed to the state Duma as amendments to the bill now under discussion about raising the retirement age to 65 years for men and 63 years for women proposed by the government in mid-June. The first reading in the state Duma passed the bill on 19 July, the second is expected in autumn.

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The increase will be gradual and will affect men born in 1959 and younger and women born in 1964 and under. Pension reform, according to the calculations of the authorities, will allow to increase pensions by an average of 1 thousand rubles per year. In 2019, according to government estimates, the average pension pensioners was $ 15.4 thousand rubles., and by 2024, it will reach 20 thousand.

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