“The main new Russian films shown at Film Festival Strelka

In Moscow ended Strelka Film Festival – the third and, subject to the adoption of the law on rolling certificates, perhaps the last festival at the Institute of architecture Strelka. This year there were shown the main films of the past Cannes film festival, as well as an important ribbon with the Berlinale and “Sundance”. Not ignored and the last “a Kinotavr”, held a month earlier.

The festival opened with a picture taken in Sochi the main prize – “the heart of the world” Natalia Mishaninoj. Director (previously filmed “Combine “Hope”, worked on the script for “Arrhythmia”) this time tells the story of a vicious young man Egor, who lives on station training of hunting dogs somewhere in the wilderness. The main character (played Stepan Devonin, noted for her role award at Kinotavr) gets along better with animals than with people – and it is in General possible to understand near tyrannical boss, in the past – an alcoholic mother and her friend who only cares about how to rewrite the living space. But to have empathy for the anguish of Yegor, obviously plotting how unspoiled people in an evil world is difficult: they are very sluggish and seem to care about it as little as others. The lethargy and poor articulation define the film: this movie is about the ecology of the inner world is quite toxic. In addition, the tape is annoying clichés like environmentalists with blue hair, whose output is just comical.

The closing film on the “wise” became “Acid” first time actor “Gogol center” Alexander Gorchilin, who took on “Kinotavr” (together with “Deep rivers”) prize for best debut. Filmed on the script of this article plays in “Gogol-center” playwright Valery Pecheikin the story is about best friends Sasha (Philipp Avdeev) and Pete (Alexander Kuznetsov). Once their buddy Ivan (Pyotr Skvortsov) jumps from the balcony, and then heroes starts difficult and painful let identity. The film, apparently, was conceived as a generational Manifesto, and as almost always happens at the paintings with such ambitions, they are not pulls. All formal elements: confessional monologues, the conflict between children and parents (it is they, “moms and dads”, by the way, is dedicated to the movie), risky sex in the film is. And in the title acid is not a narcotic, it is a chemical that corrodes all – too obvious verdict of modern society and the relationship between the people in it. But what it destroys, it is difficult to understand the storyline after the middle of the movie confused, constant game breaking, teenage maximalism and hysteria of the main characters soon tire. However, it is hoped that these fresh faces with many close-UPS will come back with a new song debuts all thing’s uneven.

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