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In Tajikistan ended the trial against members of a terrorist cell that had planned a series of attacks. One of the goals, as announced by the authorities, was the Russian military base in Dushanbe

Russian military base

(Photo: Iskandar Aminov / RIA Novosti)

In Dushanbe sentenced members of an underground terrorist cell is prohibited in the country of the Islamic Renaissance Party, which had planned a series of terrorist attacks. About it reports the portal of the Tajik Avesta. Information confirmed RBC in the center of public relations of the state Committee of national security (SCNS).

The trial was held in early June. 12 members of the cell was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Two leaders of the cell — to 26 years in prison each. As explained in the SCNS, 25-year-old Fahriddin Gulov and mahmoudjon of Asimov got longer, as it had in terrorist organizations abroad underwent military training in Iran and Afghanistan.

“They crossed the border and had planned in March of this year during the celebration of Nowruz to commit major terrorist attacks, including those intended to blow up a Russian military base. However, the cell was neutralized in February by the national security Committee,” — said the interlocutor of RBC.

Other members of the cell have got less time because ideologically supported their leaders, but was not involved in terrorist camps abroad. As explained by the publication of the Tajik Avesta, the attack was planned on the 201st Russian base in Dushanbe.

In addition, the Russian military base stationed in Kurgan-Tyube. It was formed in 2004 on the basis of the 201st motorized rifle division Gatchina.

On Wednesday, the interior Ministry of Tajikistan announced the establishment of a special unit for the protection of tourists. The decision was taken after the murder in the Republic, four foreign tourists, which occurred on July 29.

The murder of four foreigners in Tajikistan saw the attack


Citizens of the United States, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands were riding their bicycles on the territory of Dangara district when they were hit by a car. After that, the criminals left the car and attacked the aliens with knives and axes. Three criminals were killed during the arrest. Four more security officers took into custody.

The interior Ministry said that the organizer and the customer of the attack belong to the Islamic Renaissance Party. The responsibility for what happened took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

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