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The court in Virginia begins the trial of Paul Manafort, the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump. From the verdict of the judges will depend on the further fate of the work of the special Commission on investigation of “Russian intervention”

By Paul Manafort

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The beginning of the trial

In the court of Alexandria (Virginia) on Tuesday, July 31, began hearings with the participation of the jury in the case of political strategist Paul Manafort. Charges were filed against him in October last year spectaculorum Robert Mueller were the result of his investigation, the purpose of which is to find out whether there was Russia’s intervention in the elections in 2016 and whether there was collusion between Donald trump and his campaign staff, on the one hand, and the Russian authorities on the other, to ensure the victory of the candidate of the Republican party. Russian authorities deny the possibility of interference.

The trial may take three weeks, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Spectacular Muller — wide mandate, it allows him to bring charges in cases that are not directly related to the “Russian case”. So, he examines the circumstances of the work of Manafort for ruling Ukraine Party of regions of former President Viktor Yanukovych, it was period of work with Ukrainian politicians relate to all charges against 69-year-old political strategist charges, notes ABC News. According to Muller, Manafort earned in Ukraine and lobbying in the United States more than $60 million.

Court Manafort waiting in prison, notes the WSJ. He was placed into custody after he was suspected of putting pressure on witnesses in the case. Of the 18 counts half for Bank fraud, the maximum penalty for each of 30 years in prison, writes Reuters. Five of the charges involve fraud with tax deductions from 2010 to 2014: presumably, Manafort deliberately concealed information about foreign accounts, even though they had them in Cyprus and in other countries, as well as did not provide complete data on income. Four point charges are connected with the concealment of foreign accounts. According to us law he had to submit reports on accounts in foreign banks, such reporting mandatory for all US citizens, if the account for 12 months stored more than $10 thousand, the Prosecution insists that it is through the foreign accounts of Manafort, his company and associates have been millions of dollars. Nine charges for fraud in obtaining loans from the three banks (Citizens Bank, Banc of California and Federal Savings Bank). According to the prosecution, he filed false documents to obtain from banks loans worth more than $16 million.

In court, the team Mueller plans to introduce 436 physical evidence, including letters and financial documents of the companies Manafort.

In addition to Manafort charges were brought against three more Americans, including Rick gates, he has long been a business partner of Manafort. All three pleaded guilty. The Central event of the court will be the testimony of gates, noted American edition. Manafort unlike gates plead not guilty.

If Manafont will be found guilty of all alleged crimes, he, according to methodical recommendations of the special Commission the sentences of the United States, in aggregate, may receive up to 12 years in prison, Reuters said legal expert Tess Lopez.

Protesters outside the courthouse in Alexandria

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In addition to court in Virginia, Manafort in September will stand trial in Washington. In the capital of the United States it will be judged on the case of money laundering and violation of the law “on foreign agents” (FARA). While working with Ukrainian politicians accused were required to register with the U.S. justice Department as an agent of a foreign government. The maximum penalty for violation of the law “on foreign agents” — up to five years in prison.

Conspiracy of Manafort: what accuse the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump


“Waste of time”

The head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Manafort worked from March to August 2016. On June 9 of that year he was in the company of the son of trump — Donald trump Jr. and son-in-law of future President Jared Kushner met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in the Trump Tower. This meeting is one of the strongholds of the investigation of müller in the case of possible collusion team trump and the Kremlin. Trump Jr. asked Veselnitskaya “dirty materials” Hillary Clinton, the opponent of trump, says ABC News citing congressional hearings.

14 months of work, the Commission Muller has indicted the 25 Russians and four former councillors trump. None of the main defendants in the investigation of spectracolor has not yet been sentenced. The only one who went by the name of Mueller and received a prison sentence, became a lawyer from the Netherlands Alex van der Tsvan. He said investigators from the FBI, who worked in the group of spectacular Muller that was last in contact with gates in August 2016, although their recent conversation about the Ukraine was held in September. In addition, Tsvan has deleted their e-mails, which wanted to see the FBI. Tsvan, son of a Russian billionaire German Khan, was sentenced to 30 days in prison. It was released on June 5 and was deported from the United States, reports USA Today.

The trump Commission Muller of malcontents. She had spent about $17 million, says Business Insider, citing data from U.S. Department of justice. Such expenses Trump seem in vain, as his administration considers the Commission a “waste of time”. According to trump, the Commission Muller — “witch hunt”, whose real goal is to undermine his political reputation. The President also called the Commission “an American disgrace”.

In may, Vice-President Michael Pence has asked the Commission to complete its work. The adoption of the Penny, the us government did everything they could to help the investigation, but it failed to identify serious violations of trump and his entourage. “The administration gave (the investigation. — RBC) more than one million documents, we have cooperated,” said Vice-President in an interview with CNN, adding that the closure of the Commission will meet “the interests of our country.”

Test spectracolor

The work of the Commission Muller has not led to high-profile revelations, and the justification of Manafort will be for spectracolor serious political blow, according to U.S. experts. “Making Manafort acquittal will be an occasion for supporters of trump strengthened the criticism of the special Commission (on investigation of “Russian Affairs”. — RBC) <…> calling for its dissolution and the abolition of the post of spectacular”, — told the publication Politico mark Corallo, head of the press service of the U.S. Department of justice under President George W. Bush.

The justification of Manafort would be a destabilizing factor for the entire strategy of spectacular, says don Goldberg, who was responsible in the administration of President Clinton for communication in crisis situations. As explained by Goldberg, Muller puts on the fact that other defendants in the case pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. However, if Mueller is “not going to be able to achieve a conviction (Manaforce. — RBC), that <…> will be a signal to other defendants that the charges against them are not that serious,” said Goldberg. In this case, defendants will have less incentive to cooperate with the investigation, he concluded in an interview with Politico.

The factor of political significance of the case of Manafort can be used against Muller in litigation, says Shan Wu, a lawyer specializing in the defense of cases of economic crimes. “I would (on the ground of protection of the defendant. — RBC) have focused on how much resources were spent in the framework of the investigation against my client, and that the steps of the investigation are political in nature,” Wu told ABC television News.

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