“Decided opponent of “Spartacus” in the Champions League

They became Greek club PAOK, who took over the Swiss Basel

The players of PAOK celebrating their success in the second leg against Basel Photo: epa/vostock-photo

– Greek football club PAOK became a rival of Moscow “Spartacus” in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

Спорт01 Aug 2018″Spartacus” announced the bid for qualification of the League semionovitch read more

This became known after PAOK in the second leg of the second round against Switzerland the team of the “Basel” with the score 3:0. The first meeting of these teams, held last week in Greece, which also ended with the victory of PAOK – 2:1.

Thus, PAOK, according to the draw, in the next stage of the tournament will play against “Spartak”. The first meeting will take place on 8 August in Thessaloniki, and the return on August 14 in Moscow.

The winner of the match PAOK – “Spartak” will be released in round of the playoffs, and if successful in this stage of the tournament receives a ticket to the group stage of the Champions League. Russia is already guaranteed to represent the Moscow “locomotive” (champion of Russia) and CSKA (silver medalist), received vouchers automatically.

The team that loses in the third qualifying round of the Champions League or round of the playoffs, will perform in the group stage of the Europa League.

Who is PAOK

PAOK – silver medalist of the championship of Greece. On club country’s rating in the League, the team that became second in the Greek League gets a right for participation in the Champions League and here starts the tournament from the second qualifying round. Whereas “Spartacus”, as the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia, began his performance in the Champions League from the third round.

Double-PAOK became the champion of the country, but it was still in the seasons 1975/76 and 1984/85. In addition, n – six-time winner of the Greek Cup.

The President of PAOK from Russia

President of the club PAOK is a Russian businessman Ivan Savvidi. Earlier it was reported that the leadership of the championship Greece football banned him from attending matches in the next three years.

Such punishment, he suffered for the failure of match of the championship Greece between PAOK and AEK in March.

During the match the referee had disallowed a goal scored by a player of PAOK. The businessman was so outraged by the situation that ran onto the field and headed to the arbiter. While the footage from the match shows that Savvidi on the belt hangs a holster with a gun. In the end, the match was cancelled, and the team Savvidi got technical defeat.

In Russia Savvidi known for his activity on the post of the President of FC “Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) from 2002 to 2005.

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