“Died actor Yuri Martynov

– Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema Yury Martynov has died on 85-m to year of life, according to the State theater actor.

Martynov served in the State theatre actor since the 1960s. Played in more than 120 movies, including “Cruel romance”, “Station for two”, “Shadows disappear at noon”, “Elusive Avengers”, “the very Munchausen”, “Eternal call”, “hussar ballad”, “the Adjutant of his Excellency” and many others.

A graduate of the all-Russian state Institute of cinematography, it is with honor and dignity served in our theatre more than 50 years, becoming over the years a truly brilliant and successful artist.

“Natural data and artisticheskii temperament, coupled with the strength of character helped Yuri Fedorovich to create stunning images in the movies. His talent is different from self-discipline and loyalty to his beloved profession – that today serves as an example to the younger generation of artists. We Express our sincere condolences to the family and relatives, all friends and colleagues of Yury Martynov”,– the telegram says Director GBUK goroda Moskvy “State theatre of actor” Suren S. Shaumyan.

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