“FC “locomotive” fined 50 thousand rubles for the manifestation of racism by fans

The incident involving fans has happened at the match for the super Cup of Russia against CSKA

Fans of “Locomotive” in the match for the Supercup of Russia futbolito: TASS, Mikhail Solonin

Moscow “locomotive” fined for a total sum of 70 thousand rubles for the behavior of its fans in the match for the super Cup with CSKA Moscow, said the head of the Control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union (CDC RFU) Arthur Grigoryants at a press conference on Thursday.

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“For insulting spectators player of the opposing team decided to fine Lokomotiv on 50 thousand roubles. It was not a mass chanting, we’ve established that video. “Crashed” 5-6 people, it was the single cries, so this amount. For throwing by spectators of foreign objects on the field “the locomotive” will pay 20 thousand rubles,” said Grigoryants.

“For the use of pyrotechnics CSKA fined 50 thousand rubles. For outside the technical zone on a 3 thousand fined CSKA coach Goncharenko”, he added.

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“Coach fined as an individual,” said Grigoryants.

“Also, the football player of CSKA Chalov fined 50 thousand rubles for unsportsmanlike conduct, he kicked a bottle that flew into the stands,” – said Grigoryants.

In the match for the Supercup of Russia which took place on 27 July in Nizhny Novgorod (“the locomotive” – CSKA 0:1 in extra time), fans of “Locomotive” and “crashed” to the dark-skinned Brazilian striker CSKA for vitinho. Also on the sector where the CSKA fans, burned by a fire, and fans threw objects on the field.

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