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The audience for Winnie the Pooh, zombies and spies

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– This week in Russian cinemas consists of ten films, among them the prize-winner of the Berlin film festival 2018 “Between rows” and “Christopher Robin” in the center of the plot a hero stories by Alan Alexander Milan about Winnie the Pooh. “SKAN-Interfax” analyzed which movie most often mentioned in the media.

The leader became a “disney” film “Christopher Robin” of the Director Marc Forster, who was mentioned in the media during July-August of the current year 216 times. The film’s protagonist Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) meets a childhood friend – the Teddy bear Winnie the Pooh, which goes to long time friend Stoakley forest.

The next place is taken by the German romance of Thomas Stuber “Between the rows” (170 references) – screen adaptation of the novel by Clemens Meyer. The film’s protagonist a young guy Christian (Franz Rogowski) gets a job in a supermarket, where he charms an employee of the Department of sweets Marion (Sandra Hyuller).

In third place in the indie-drama “Hot summer nights” (166 references), in which the main role takes Eric Salama previously received “Oscar” for “Best actor” in the film “Call me his name.” “Hot summer nights” – the debut film Elijah Bynum, telling about how adolescents imagine adulthood. In the story, a young man Daniel goes to rest on Cape cod, where he befriends a drug dealer and hunter (Alex Rowe) and falls in love with his sister Makkalu (Mike Monroe).

Fourth place went to the film “the purge. The beginning” (134 mentions) directed by Gerard McMurray. This is the fourth part horror Thriller about a world without crime and wars, which in a flash turns into absolute anarchy.

In fifth place is another horror film “Hungry Z” (124 mentions) directed by Robin Aubert, which is set in a small village in the Northern part of Quebec, whose inhabitants turn into zombies. Those who survived, fleeing and trying to save a human face.

In the sixth place in the Tony Scott Thriller “Spy game“, which was mentioned in the media 56. The story takes place during the Second world war. The hero of the picture intellectual MoE Berg (Paul Rudd) decides to cooperate with the Office of strategic services (predecessor of the CIA) and gets his first assignment is to find out how close the scientist Heisenberg to build an atomic bomb.

In seventh place with 54 publications is the film “Dangerous game Sloan“, the main character is Liz Sloan (Jessica Chastain) is a valuable employee of a major lobbying firm in Washington. Thanks to the talents of Sloan U.S. Congress passes laws that are required of its customers. This time the heroine is offered a contract, which now is about discrediting the bill to strengthen control over the sale and possession of weapons.

Eighth place in the ranking took the film adaptation of the manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto “Kaiji” – “planet beast” (50 references), tells a hopeless debtor, who is taking a Bank loan, couldn’t repay. Character will be decided on a desperate step – to go to an establishment that promises to repay the debts in the Bank, but it need to be a member of the mysterious game.

Rest of the premiere had less than 50 publications media. The film “Code Gotti, “in which the son of a famous gangster, decides to end the criminal life, mentioned 39 times. French Comedy “Bachelor party in Europe“, which open Agency that specializes in organizing stag parties, brought together 35 references.

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