“The prize Fund of the match for the title of world chess champion will amount to 1 million euros

– Organizers of the match for the title of world chess champion between Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and American Fabiano Caruana have confirmed that the prize Fund will amount to 1 million euros.

It became known yesterday that the match will be held in London – in the building of The College in a Central area of Covent garden.

Спорт27 Mar 2018Каруана surpassed Karjakin became the winner of the tournament precendential read more

“Ticket prices range from 3700 – 8 500 rubles (60 to $ 130) depending on day and type of ticket. The start of sales is scheduled for August 3,” – said the press service of the Chess World, the match organiser. Tickets, in particular, will be available on the official website worldchess.com and their sale will start on 3 August.

Premium online broadcast for those who could not would prefer to watch the match on remote access, will cost 1 000 rubles ($15) per game or 1 of 500 rubles ($20) throughout the year “and will include access to live video from multiple cameras, backstage, Studio shows with expert commentary and special guests.”

“The League tournament, the prize Fund will amount to 1 million euros, will be accompanied by a gala opening and closing times for VIP guests and a number of public events for residents and visitors of London,” the statement reads.

Match threaded from 9 to 28 November 2018 and will consist of 12 rounds. If they do not identify a winner, you will be assigned a tie-break.

“We know that in the UK — million-strong audience of chess fans. The world Cup which will be held in London, it’s a chance to witness the battle of the greatest minds in the world. We expect a large number of guests from Norway, who will come to support Magnus Carlsen. In the U.S. we are also seeing an increased interest in the event because American Fabiano Caruana is participating in the championship for the first time in almost 50 years”, – said General Director of the World Chess Ilya Merenzon.

The candidates tournament in 2018 was held in Berlin. American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana took the final first place in the fall and will play in the match for the world title against the current holder of the title to Norwegian Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen won the title in 2013, beating the then world champion Indian Viswanathan Anand (pre – taking first place in the candidates tournament). In 2014, he again defeated an opponent from India, and in 2016 – took precedence over the winner of the candidates tournament, Russia’s Sergey Karjakin.

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