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Citizens need to know the size of fixed amounts of their pension savings and income from their investments, say in the chamber and I invite the government to enshrine the right for more detailed information about this legally

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The chamber, after inspection of non-state pension funds (NPF) has sent the government a proposal to change the system of informing of citizens on pension contributions, have informed RBC in the chamber. It is proposed to amend the Federal laws “On non-state pension funds” and “On individual (personified) accounting in system of compulsory pension insurance”.

Now the Russians after treatment in the Pension Fund of Russia or in the Fund get in your personal profile notifications about the status of pension savings by a certain date. But the form of these notices do not provide detailed information, in particular, there are no data on the annual result of the investment of savings and the amount of the guaranteed amount on 31 December 2014. After this date, the citizens lost the opportunity to transfer their savings from one Fund to another without a loss of investment income more frequently than once in five years.

The Finance Ministry has proposed to create a “public APF” for the “silent ones”


ACA proposes to include this information in the notice and provide details of the savings that will be generated on December 31 of the year in which expires a five-year moratorium on the transfer of funds without loss. “Citizens don’t actually know the amount of the guaranteed obligations of the insurer before them, — explained RBC, the need of new legislation in the chamber. — This is very important if the NPF is to be disposed of and required the state to compensate the citizens of his obligations. In addition, the lack of this information has risks of the insured person filing the application for early change of insurer losses.”

Previously, the auditors of the accounting chamber have estimated that the Russians are prematurely replaced NPF in 2015-2017, lost more than 82 billion rubles of investment income.

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Six years without letters

The National Association of pension funds (NAPF), RBC reported that the problem with the report to the citizens information about the state of their pension savings occurred in 2012. Then the state adopted amendments to the pension law abolishing the compulsory annual newsletter of the FIU letters with information about the amount of savings and the resulting investment income.

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“We fully share the concern of the accounting chamber on this occasion, and believe that the information which is received by the insured person, should be more detailed”, — said the President of the NAPF Konstantin Ugryumov.

In the CBA a request to RBC forwarded to the government. The Ministry of labor reported that the detail of informing citizens on pension contributions will be established in the new Federal law: his purpose is to ensure the rights of citizens to receive information on the consequences of termination of contracts on compulsory pension insurance. According to this law from 1 January 2019 citizen will be obliged to inform about the lost investment income in case of early change in the NPF.

“To implement the provisions of the law necessary to develop a number of subordinate regulatory legal acts to be prepared by the time of the entry into force of the act. The participants of this work — Ministry of labour, the Ministry of Finance of Russia, Bank of Russia, pension Fund of Russia”, — said the press service of the Ministry of labor. In Association of pension funds (ANPF) believe that departments in the development of regulatory legal acts concerning detail of informing citizens must consult with market participants.

The FIU noted that the proposals of the accounting chamber they received and are under consideration. Opinion of the Ministry of Finance to the proposals of the accounting chamber, the Ministry of labor aimed as a responsible Agency, reported the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

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