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The accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin gradually transformed into a political institution. Under the new strategy of the Ministry, it will take on the role of “fighter for justice” and “strategic partner” of the state structures

Alexei Kudrin

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The chamber, which in may was headed by Alexei Kudrin on Friday approved its new strategy (have RBC). The strategy will be approved for each new term of office of the head of the accounting chamber, last time she was taken in 2013, shortly after its Chairman Tatyana Golikova (in may 2018 was appointed Deputy Prime Minister).

In the previous version of the strategy, the mission of the accounting chamber was “to control the management and disposal of state resources in order to create conditions for a dignified life and free development of man.”

When Kudrin, audit chamber plans to carry out the functions of a “fighter for justice” and “guarantee transparency”, as well as to become a competence center for other government agencies and shaping of power “a strategic vision” of the economic situation.

“The wrestler” and “partner”

The Ministry Alexei Kudrin declares that it will be a “fighter for justice” — designated one of the five points that shape the vision and the mission of the accounts chamber (in the previous version of the document such language was not). This refers to the elimination of abuse and misuse of resources.

Kudrin admitted the possibility of a shortage of funds for the implementation of the may decree


For other state authorities the Agency wants to act as a “strategic partner” (this is another point vision) to help them calculate the risks of not achieving the goals of sustainable development. Another mission of the chamber is the “center of competence”, the transmitting to other structures established audit standards and controls. In addition, ACA has become the “guarantee of transparency” by providing objective information about the real situation in the country, follows from the document. Finally, the chamber will be “a responsible employer”, the strategy says.

Their activities, the document says, the chamber enhances public control over the disposal of state resources, and increases the “sense of the taxpayer”. In addition, the Agency encourages the development of internal audit in government agencies and improve the orientation of their activities on the public interest.

The overall mission of the chamber is described as follows: “to Promote fair and responsible governance as a necessary condition for sustainable development of Russian society and a dignified life”.

The Ministry has assessed the readiness of Russian enterprises to the digitalization

Technology and media

The document echoes the proposals of the Center for strategic research Kudrin expertise, preparing the economic program for President Vladimir Putin. One of the key ideas was the creation of a CSR centre of the digital transformation of public administration, which was supposed to take on the role of “chief architect”, providing expert guidance at the level of the whole country and defining the strategic development of public platforms. However, the centre was never created, and the powers of the state administration was “torn” between different departments, recognized himself Kudrin.

“We want ultimately want to know how we have the country going in the first place [was brought] on the website of the accounting chamber, stated on Friday Kudrin. Over the past six years, we’ll cover all the main strategic documents of the state.” The chamber will increase the share of strategic audit and will prepare analytical material showing why it is not fulfilled certain tasks and how do you respond to the government, Kudrin said.

Picture risks

In their task, the chamber refers, in particular, “promoting the formation of a strategic vision of the leadership of the authorities” through the comprehensive “patterns, trends and risks for the development of the country.” The document notes that the Agency will work with Russian and international research institutions and analytical agencies (that Kudrin at the chamber can become an expert platform, analysts said before his official appointment).

Another task of the Ministry, as stated in its strategy is to increase the efficiency of public administration through monitoring of national targets and the necessary resources to them. Back in may, when Kudrin’s candidacy has been formally approved, the source of RBC said that the chamber can become the curator of a new execution of the may decree of Putin (it spelled out the national projects). He later Kudrin confirmed it (besides, according to him, the chamber will begin to monitor the KPIs of Ministers).

The media learned about the proposals of the accounting chamber on the revision of the pension reform


The chamber, as its new strategy is also tuned to “foster a culture of openness and transparency of the processes of government decision-making and the development environment of integrity through improved methods of anti-corruption activities”. The mechanisms for the implementation of its strategy the Agency calls project management (it is the third year trying to cross the government), and the centralized coordination of these projects (they are planned based on the strategy) and employee engagement.

The challenge of fighting corruption should entail the empowerment of the Ministry. As Kudrin said, the proposals SP will formulate within six months of the year. “Indeed, in terms of anti-corruption activities of the authority almost not written, they are written in the law one line — that [the chamber] is developing measures to combat corruption. I have dealt with in conversation and in the State Duma and the President that we will expand the competence [in this area]”, he said.

Often the work of the audit chamber is dissatisfied, acknowledged Kudrin: its auditors come to the state authorities several times a year, followed by the Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee, the presidential control Directorate, the branch supervisors. “We go to coordinate activities, sometimes jointly conduct operations with other agencies,” — said Kudrin. A joint inspection will be carried out with Federal financial monitoring service, tax service, Federal Treasury, he said.

More sanctions

The audit chamber will be engaged, and sanctions issues. “While we ourselves such a task is not set, but we will try to assess the impact of sanctions on the performance of the state task program goals”, — noted the head of Department. Previously, the Department for combating sanctions have already appeared in the Russian Ministry of Finance — Department will provide government coordination to reduce negative effects and to counter sanctions.

Hardware lever

The genre of “strategy” seriously rarely appears in documents of the Russian authorities, said the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov. “In this case, the authors of the document believe that the word “justice” itself is pretty hypovase and draw attention to the document and to the accounts chamber. The question is, will this mean a key priority or a kind of brand on the banner of the chamber,” says Vinogradov.

“The strategy reaffirms the ambition Kudrin: to significantly raise the political status of the accounting chamber, transforming it from hardware-weak controller over the expenditure of budgetary funds in a centre of expertise and even ideology of modernization of the system of public administration”, — says head of the analytical Department of the Center for political technologies, Tatyana Stanovaya. According to her, the first of these ambitions had serious chances of success, but in the last two years the situation has changed. For example, we see a politicization of the work of the state Duma, although few could have expected that its Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin succeed, Stanovaya says. Now similar efforts are observed from Kudrin, whose problem is the comparability of its real political weight and status of the accounts chamber, considers the expert.

“Kudrin received hardware lever and a resource that is going to turn into a platform to advance the modernization agenda of the country, with an emphasis on the value approach, which automatically assigns him the status of the official, and politician,” sums up a Deadlift.

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