“The IAAF due to doping, was suspended by the Russian jumper in height Lysenko

The Russian athletics Federation said the athlete incorrectly filled out address, and the doping inspectors were not able to take his test

Russian high jumper Daniel Lysenko suspended from participation in international competitions by the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) for missing a doping test due to an incorrect filling of the system ADAMS, reported the press service of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla).

“On the athlete imposed a temporary suspension from August 3 until a final decision is made. Lysenko incorrectly filled data in the ADAMS (data on the location of the athlete to access doping agents – if), and the doping inspectors were not able to take his test,” – said “Interfax” on Friday in a press-service of the club.

The IAAF offers Lysenko two options: to plead guilty, followed by suspension for violating anti-doping rules as of August 3, 2018, is possible in this case his suspension for two years, or transfer the case for consideration in CAS – in this case, Lysenko facing disqualification for four years. The athlete needs to make a decision until August 13, while he conducts the consultation, reported wfla.

He Lysenko said that “terribly upset”.

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“What can I say? Only himself to blame. Yes, belonged to the filling of ADAMS, shall we say, superficial. It’s my negligence. Yes, I have always passed all tests both during competitions and out-of-competition period, never from anybody did not run away, not hidden. Of course, this career ends, I will train on and wait for a fair decision,” commented Lysenko, the press service of the club.

Lysenko’s dismissal means he will miss the European championship in Berlin, which will take place August 6-12.

Lysenko – the world champion on track and field athletics indoors 2018, the silver medalist of the world championship 2017, the champion of Russia. He is nominated for best athlete of the July version of the European athletics Association since last month, triumphed on the stage of “Diamond League” in Monaco, breaking the bar at a height of 2 m 40 cm and repeating the best result of the season in the world, which was previously shown by the Qatari Mutasim the Essay Barsema.

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