The Ministry of Finance will direct on purchase of currency at a record 383,2 billion.:: Economy :: RBC

In August, the Ministry of Finance will buy the currency on 383,2 billion, RUB 35.5 billion rubles. more than in July. Only the purchase of foreign currency the authorities plan to direct this year to 2.7 trillion rubles.

Photo: Matthias Balk / DPA / TASS

The Ministry of Finance will increase its foreign exchange intervention to record levels in the period 7 August to 6 September in the domestic market will purchase the currency on 383,2 billion rubles this is stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance posted on its official website.

Thus, the Finance Ministry will buy foreign currency by 16.7 billion rubles per day. Such purchase volume is associated with the received for July 2018 additional oil and gas revenues. The budget rule, they are spent on the purchase of currency for reserves. Dollars, euros and British pounds are purchased in the ratio of 45:45:10.

The Ministry of Finance will reduce the purchase of foreign currency for the first time in five months


The transactions in foreign currency purchase will carry out Bank of Russia on the Moscow stock exchange, then the funds will be credited to the accounts of the Federal Treasury.

The last record the purchase of foreign currency was set in June when the Agency has allocated 379,7 billion rubles From March to June every month the Ministry of Finance increased purchases (of 192.5 billion in March to 379,7 billion rubles in June). The decrease was recorded only in July, when the foreign exchange intervention was aimed 347,7 billion.

In accordance with the may revision of the budget for the entire year, the Finance Ministry plans to purchase currency at more than 2.7 trillion rubles.

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