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Under the terms of a special tax regime for self-employed, under consideration by the government, the tax rate will be 4%

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Deputy FNS Dmitry Satin said that if approved the government’s new tax regime for self-employed in sales of goods and services to individuals they will pay tax at a rate of 4%, reports TASS. The Ministry of Finance, announced in the spring of this mode, saying that the rate will be from 3 to 6%.

Satin said that such special treatment will help to reduce the tax burden on self-employed. At the same time, citizens in the case of a fair tax have to submit a Declaration or to register SP. “Now citizens who receive a regular income is not an employment contract or additional income in addition to the main place of work, must annually file a tax return, pay income tax at a rate of 13% or to register as individual entrepreneurs. This will require the payment of insurance payments in funds and Deposit accounts”, — he explained.

In case of acceptance by Parliament of the decision on tax spetsrezhime self-employed will have to wait for relief. “Self-employed citizens in the implementation of goods and services to individuals will be taxed at the rate of 4% will be exempt from the payment of insurance payments (except for payments to the health insurance Fund), the filing of any statements,” — said the Deputy head of the FNS.

Three to six: what is the tax the Ministry of Finance offers for self employed


Plans to introduce special tax regime for self-employed, the Finance Ministry said in may. Then > title of Department Ilya Trunin has suggested that it will be called “a tax on professional income”. As the probable period of introduction of this tax in the Department called 2019.

To pay the tax is available via mobile app. The question of payment of insurance contributions for self-employed up to the end not clarified. As was stated by the Minister of economic development, the self-employed can be exempted from insurance contributions but on retirement they will need care themselves. “If we’re talking about entrepreneurs, but about self-employed citizens, we are now discussing the possibility of exemption from insurance payments, but with the condition assuming full risk for an increase in his pension, social pensions,” he said.

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