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The Russian military confirmed that the head of the General staff of Russia had indeed sent a letter to his colleague from the USA with a confidential communication channel. The defense Ministry stressed that did not give permission to publicize this letter

Joseph Dunford

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The Russian defense Ministry confirmed that the head of the General staff Valery Gerasimov really sent in July via the confidential channel of communication letter to the head of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford. About this RBC reported in the Russian defense Ministry.

“Disappointing failure of the American side to abide by agreements on publication of the contents of the contacts only by agreement of both parties”, — stated in the message of the Ministry.

According to the press service, in his letter Gerasimov sent offer Dunford on the situation of Syrian refugees in the camp”, Rukman”, which is controlled by forces of the US-led coalition area of al-TANF. Gerasimov suggested to study the issue with the Syrian authorities to guarantee safety to refugees and creating the necessary conditions for their return home.

Also, said the Ministry of defence, head of the Russian General staff proposed to coordinate the humanitarian mine clearance in raqqa and maintain contact to address other “high-priority humanitarian issues for the early peaceful life on the whole territory of Syria.”

The defense Ministry stated that the existing communication channel between the General staffs of Russia and the United States to prevent military incidents and to find mutually acceptable solutions taking into account the interests of Russia and the USA.

“We hope that the American side will be able to take the necessary measures to prevent future violations of the mutual agreements”, — stated in the defense Ministry, referring to the disclosure letter Gerasimov to Dunford.

Reuters said about the secret proposal of the General staff of Russia, US on Syria


On Friday, August 3, available to Reuters was the text of the letter. The Agency described its contents — the offer of cooperation in the reconstruction of Syria. The letter itself was handed over to Dunford on July 19, several days after the meeting of presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki.

Reuters also cites a government document outlining the essence of the letter, which indicates that Moscow has offered the US to provide Syria mutual assistance in the recovery of the areas controlled by the army of Bashar al-Assad. Washington, said the Agency welcomed the proposal Gerasimova “very cold”. The memo indicated that the United States can support such initiatives only if Syria find a political solution to its crisis, which implies an independent elections under the auspices of the UN.

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