“The head coach of FC CSKA commented on the mass Exodus of leaders from the team

– Head coach of FC Moscow CSKA Viktor Goncharenko sees no reason to panic due to the fact that the team left a group of leaders.

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“Let’s start with the defense. Gone girl (Berezutskiy – if) and Ignashevich came Chernov, Magnusson and Rodrigo. The number of turns is the same. What is the quality? While we are looking at, draw conclusions on how best to use the strengths of our defenders with the maximum benefit. It is clear that the team left the defenders of the highest level – just remember how many titles he won with them in PFK CSKA. Now they are not among us, but this is not a reason to panic”, – quotes the words of the coach, the press service of CSKA.

“From left Midfielders Pontus Wernbloom, bebras Natcho, Georgi Milanov.

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It will be more difficult, because the team has left and Alexander Golovin (moved to the “Monaco” – if). He gave the team the movement, endurance, helped the defense and was aimed at creation. Of course, such a player very hard to replace. As, however, and for vitinho, who left the club after the super Cup of Russia. In attack with the departure of Ahmed Musa we may lose in speed. Try to settle this point,” said the coach.

“We are building a new team and should make it combat ready. Probably not always going to start from the game, but in the main fans can be confident that the team in every match will leave everything on the field and will do everything to achieve a positive result,” – said Goncharenko.

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In the summer it became known that the old-timers CSKA defender Sergei Ignashevich, Aleksey and Vasily Berezutskiy, retired, previously the team with expiring contracts left Midfielders Pontus Wernbloom, bebras Natcho, Georgy Milanov, over the term of the lease forward Ahmed Musa. Despite this, CSKA beat capital “Locomotive” in the match for the Supercup of Russia. In the first round of the national championship army team played a draw with Samara “Wings of the Soviets”.

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