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Video with reaction of protection to the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has appeared on the Internet. It shows how acted his protection

A screenshot from a video by RT / Youtube

The time of the attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, where you can see the reaction of the President on the incident was posted on Youtube channel Ruptly. The record shows that immediately after the explosion, Maduro has tried to continue his speech before the soldiers of the national army, however, he was prevented by the guards, who immediately began to cover up President’s special shields.

Video: RT en Español

To shield Maduro steel and military, who stood next to him on the podium. A short time later the security along with the President slowly began to move away from the microphone.

The performance itself Maduro broadcast by Venezuelan television. However, after the cotton camera switched to the soldiers who listened to the President’s speech. After about ten seconds you can see how they all ran down the street, then the channel is turned on the screen saver.

The attempted assassination occurred during the celebration of the 81 anniversary of the Bolivarian National guard. According to the official version in the direction of the rostrum, which was Maduro, was launched drones with explosives, which eventually managed to bring down.

The Venezuelan President has accused right-wing group and the Colombian government, which supposedly supports them. In Bogota these statements are called senseless and unreasonable.

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