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In address to the nation, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the organizers of the attempt on his life in the United States, so it hopes to help President Donald trump in the investigation of this crime

Nicolas Maduro

(Photo: Miraflores Presidential Palace / AP)

Venezuelan President nicolás Maduro made an appeal to the nation, in which he stated confidence that you will live many years after the assassination attempt, reports Reuters.

According to Maduro, a few involved in the attack have been detained. He blamed his organization, certain forces in Colombia and the United States and expressed the hope that Donald trump will assist in the investigation of the assassination attempt and the fight against the terrorist organizations who are planning the assassination of public figures from other countries from the United States.

“It was an attempt to kill me. Today they tried to kill me,” said the President.

The Minister spoke about the participation in the assassination attempt on Maduro a few drones


Maduro also said that all collected evidence points to the fact that the plot is ripe among the right-wing, who worked together with the Colombian authorities. However, he said bluntly that the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, is also responsible for the incident.

Video: RT en Español

Earlier the information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said that the attack was not the President during the festive events dedicated to the anniversary of the Bolivarian National guard, participated multiple drones Laden with explosives. They were shot down, the President and other leaders of the country were not injured.

At the same time, the Associated Press reported that according to sources from the fire Department of Caracas, the assassination of Maduro were not. According to them, in one of the nearby houses has occurred explosion of household gas.

The responsibility for the attack, AP reports, has taken the group “Flannel soldiers”. The Agency clarifies that the information about this appeared on Twitter and it needs to be tested.

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