“Russian boxer Kovalev defeated in a duel for the WBO

The Russian had the advantage over the Colombian Alvarez, but was knocked out

Sergey Kovalev (left) and Leider, Alvaretta: Reuters

Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev lost the fight for the title of world champion under version WBO the Colombian Ladero Alvarez.

The first seven rounds were held in equal fight, Kovalev even had a slight advantage, which is confirmed by the cards of the judges.

#KovalevAlvarez official score cards pic.twitter.com/SZQe9d0Wih

— Boxing Insider.com (@BoxingInsider) August 5, 2018

But in the seventh round he was knocked down after a powerful blow from an opponent. 35-year-old Russian got up and continued the fight, but then had twice been on the floor.

As a result, the referee decided to stop the fight.

Alvarez remains undefeated in 24 fights conducted. The title of the champion under version WBO became the first in his career.

Kovalev is the third defeat of his career.

Kovalev just got smashed.#KovalevAlvarez pic.twitter.com/n07UUMvNzu

— Jonnyboy (@JBNeverDies) August 5, 2018

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