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Venezuelan authorities have officially confirmed that in Caracas there was an attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro. The attack involved several aircraft with explosives. Seven soldiers were injured

Nicolas Maduro

(Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters)

The Minister of information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez has officially confirmed that during a ceremony in Caracas attempted murder of President Nicolas Maduro, reports Reuters.

According to the Minister, in the attack involved multiple drones Laden with explosives. The explosion injured seven soldiers involved in the ceremony.

Rodriguez said that the purpose of the assassination was the murder of a leftist leader of Venezuela. He assured that none of the country’s leadership was not injured and the President continues to perform his duties and would soon deliver an address to the nation.

Video: RT en Español

The attempted assassination occurred during the celebration of the 81 anniversary of the Bolivarian National guard. The footage of the television broadcast of the event shows that during a story about the economy all present suddenly raised his head and looked up. Then the television showed the military that were in the parade and ran away. After that, the broadcast was interrupted.

Later on the Youtube channel Ruptly published a video from a different angle. It heard at least one explosion, after which the employees of the security service rushed to cover the President bulletproof shields.

At the same time Associated Press with reference to sources in the fire service reported that the attempt on Maduro was adopted by an explosion of household gas in the house next door.

The same Agency reported that the responsibility for the assassination of Venezuelan President has claimed a previously unknown group. The report said that the assassination involved two drone with explosives, but they were shot down before reaching their target. AP says that could not verify the authenticity of this message.

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