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The canadian Ambassador in Riyadh declared a persona non grata. In addition, the Saudis give up new trade relations with Canada. This reaction is caused Canada’s position on detention in Saudi Arabia of human rights defenders

Photo: Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia withdraws its Ambassador from Canada. The Ambassador of Canada in Riyadh, respectively, declared persona non grata. About it reports Reuters with reference to the Saudi news Agency.

As informs TV channel Al Arabiya, the canadian Ambassador in Saudi Arabia was given 24 hours to leave the country. In addition, the Saudis freeze any new trade agreements and investment with Canada, while reserving the right to adopt other measures.

The TV channel notes that the reaction of the Saudi authorities called the statement by the canadian foreign Ministry on “civil activists.” On Friday, August 3, foreign Affairs Canada Twitter expressed “serious concern at the arrests of civil society activists and fighters for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia”. “We call on Saudi authorities to immediately release them and other peaceful fighters for human rights”, — stated in the tweet the canadian Ministry.

Detention of rights activists in Saudi Arabia have attracted the attention of the UN, wrote The Guardian. Thus, the organization called the arrests of the activists of the “obviously arbitrary.” He was arrested at least 15 people, including Samar Badawi, al Nassim Gardens.

The foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia stated that the position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Canada “is surprising and is completely incorrect”.

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