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Council on the digital economy of the Federation Council recommends to the government to legislate the principle of network neutrality, in mass media. While this principle is governed by the basic document FAS

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The Council for the development of the digital economy under the Council of Federation will urge the government to enshrine network neutrality in law. About this newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a draft decision by the first meeting of the Council. The newspaper’s source familiar with the preparation of the document, adding that the project will be finalized in the coming weeks and submitted to the government.

The principle of net neutrality prohibits providers on their own initiative to slow down any Internet traffic or give preference to certain sites.

The FAS proposal to enshrine the principle of net neutrality “appreciate”, told the newspaper the Deputy head of the service Anatoly Golomolzin. “Principles of network and technological neutrality are basic to ensure the conditions for fair competition,” he said.

In 2016, the FAS prepared a basic document on the principles of network neutrality in order to reduce barriers of access to content for end users to save the Internet “as a driver of growth in the telecommunications market”. The document agreed the major ISPs, as well as “Yandex” and Group and other companies.

Vice-President of “Rostelecom” Boris Glazkov told the newspaper that at the meeting of the Council, this proposal was not discussed, and the operator is unknown how the proposal in such wording was in the draft decision. He added that the consolidation of net neutrality will have a negative impact on the telecommunications business. “This will make it impossible, for example, proposals for subscribers is not charged when the traffic of social networks,” — he said “Kommersant”. In “the Megaphone” the newspaper reported that feel the need to discuss the proposal with operators. In MTS noted that the document FAS were assigned comfortable for all market participants” rule.

Earlier the Federal Antimonopoly service has accused large operators in violation of the principle of network neutrality. So, mobile operators have established for banks with state participation, in particular, Sberbank and VTB, lower tariffs for SMS than for everyone else. In the end, MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, and Tele2 were issued warnings.

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