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The White house commented on the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. They claim that the us government it is not involved. Maduro himself has previously stated that the attempt involved, including States

Security protects of Nicolas Maduro during the ceremony

(Photo: Xinhua / AP)

The US authorities are not involved in the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which occurred on 4 August. This statement was made by the national security adviser of U.S. President John Bolton in an interview with Fox News channel.

“I can say unequivocally that the U.S. government was not involved in this brand,” said Bolton. He suggested that an attempt could be a result of “widespread corruption and repression” in Venezuela.

“There can be many reasons: from the staging, arranged by the regime Maduro to anything,” said Bolton. “If the government of Venezuela have reliable information that they would like to provide to us and which would demonstrate the potential violation of the criminal laws of the United States, we seriously study it,” — said the adviser to trump.

The assassination attempt on Maduro occurred last Saturday in Caracas during a ceremony celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National guard. The President attacked multiple drones Laden with explosives. Events were on video.

Video: RT en Español / Youtube

Maduro himself has not suffered, however wounds have received seven soldiers who took part in this festive event.

In his address to the nation, Maduro has placed the responsibility for organizing the attempt on certain forces in Colombia and the United States. He also expressed hope for help from the American President Donald trump in the investigation of this crime. The government of Colombia has previously denied any involvement in the attempted assassination of the Venezuelan leader.

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