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Preliminary budget of the national programme “Digital economy” is more than 3.5 trillion More funds from the state Treasury will be required for the development of infrastructure, digitalization of public services and health care

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The budget of the national programme “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” till 2024 may exceed 3.5 trillion rubles, follows from the draft document, which the Ministry of communications should submit to the government on 15 August (a copy is in RBC).

The Ministry of communications is responsible for the implementation of nutsprogramme, in addition to her work also involved the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of health, the Ministry of transport and a number of other departments, Analytical center for the government, as well as ANO “Digital economy” (among its founders — the government of Russia, Agency for strategic initiatives, Rostelecom and rostec, Sberbank, MTS, MegaFon, VimpelCom, Yandex, etc.). Oversees nutsprogramme Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.

As told RBC one of the developers of nutsprogramme, budget calculation was made in June 2018 and can be adjusted to the time of making of the final version of the document to the government. This amount, according to him, may both increase and decrease.

According to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the government should submit nutsprogramme Digital economy by 1 October. The document will be created on the basis of the programme approved by the government in July 2017. It had five areas budget in 2018-2020 had to be more than 500 billion rubles In the process of converting programs in nutsprogramme directions will be Federal projects, their number should increase. In early July, the Ministry submitted to the government a preliminary version of nutsprogramme, said the Minister Konstantin Noskov. However, its budget it is not voiced.

The representative of Maxim Akimov — alia Samigullina refused to comment on the size of the budget of nutsprogramme, stating that the work is not yet complete. The representative of the press service of the Ministry of economic development noted that the agencies responsible for the implementation of nutsprogramme, submitted to the Ministry its calculations on the basis of which were drawn up the preliminary budget. Amount he also did not comment. The representative of the press service of the Ministry of communications not answered the questions of the RBC.

How much is a “figure”

By far the most expensive aspect of the program considered “Information infrastructure”, in which it is planned to create a global satellite system to cover the entire planet with wireless Internet access, and to develop mobile network of the fifth generation (5G) and the Internet of things. This direction was initially planned to spend to 436.6 billion rubles in 2018-2020. Based on existing RBC document Federal project “Information infrastructure” will cost twice as much — 993 billion. a Significant portion of this amount — 688 billion rubles — will need to involve from the Federal budget.

A little less (621 bn) plan to allocate for realization of Federal project “Digital state” (later to be renamed “Digital public administration”; the transfer of public services and public administration in the digital format). This direction should be fully financed from the state budget.

Another 465 billion rubles will be required for the Federal project “the Ecosystem of support for digital projects” (creating a system of financial support for developers of digital technologies), 195 billion rubles on “Digital technologies and projects” (the development of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and other technologies that will be used in all areas of the program), 134 billion roubles — on “Frames for the digital economy”, 25 billion roubles — on “Information security”, a little less than 1 billion rubles. — for revision of the regulatory framework for the development of the digital economy.

The document suggests that nutsprogramme will appear eight Federal projects, proposals for which have already formed relevant agencies. We are talking about “Digital health”, “Digital industry”, “Digital agriculture”, “construction Digital”, “Digital city”, “Digital transport and logistics”, “Digital energy”, “Digital education”. The total budget may reach 1.1 trillion rubles.

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