“How was the “Afisha picnic this year – five theses

The correspondent of “Interfax” visited the festival and shared their impressions

Photo: TASS, Sergei Bobylev

– Over the weekend in a Moscow Park “Kolomenskoye” was held music festival “picnic “Posters” – the 15th anniversary. “Interfax” visited him and briefly talks about what he is most remembered in this year.


The first thing that greeted visitors of “Picnic “Afisha”, came by two o’clock – that is, to the early days of the festival, a huge queue to enter. Since the stand it had under the scorching sun, the enthusiasm diminished quickly came. One of the visitors in the tent of organizers swore that year, which comes to the festival, but this is the first time – in response, the volunteers just shrugged: at this year’s “picnic” got the tickets 50 thousand people. How is more than in previous years is unknown, but the queue and next was everywhere in huge tents with food, shopping, scene – crowds, huge even by festival standards.

New formats

In addition to traditional non-musical fun – take a dip in the pool with balls, hair makeup, listen to a lecture, wander through the market – the organizers offer each year new and exciting adventure. This year the festival turned the tent in honor of the popular program “Learn in 10 seconds”, where everyone could feel like her hero – to try to determine the maximum number of songs in the allotted time. Furthermore, there was a separate area, where he played the young promising artists who are still early on the main stage and on the couch in the programme at the time. For example, the groups “We” and “Komsomol”.

Photo: TASS, Sergei Bobylev


At the festival come not only to listen to music, but to show. This time in Kolomenskoye, as always, gathered a motley crowd: former hipsters who now have kids, fashionistas in booties for sock lovers to paint the hair in red, blue colors and nothing to paint, and to dissolve and to go with a gorgeous mane to the waist and a gorgeous beard. All covered after a meeting with local makeup artists with rhinestones and sequins, glittering in the sun like diamonds.

Photo: TASS, Sergei Bobylev

To each his own

The Afisha picnic is about a choice: moving from speech to speech on three main music stages, it was possible to collect your festival. For example, listen to young stars – to start early for the festival 14 hours “Montoku” group “PACOS”, hip-hop Duo Aigel, sang his biggest hit about the Tartar under the shower, which, however, did not warm her fans, and inversion. It was possible to give preference to foreign fashion groups and merry King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard set for wizard dance moves Oscar and the Wolf, who seemed to smile all in the crowd, and then ground Rhye melodious songs which flowed in the air at sunset the last rays of the sun. Was nothing to choose and listen to a bit of everything – the complete speech of the headliners: Dolphin, Zemfira and Arcade fire.

The Performance Arcade Fire

Canadian music Arcade Fire in which seven people playing on a dozen of musical instruments, and sometimes sing in unison, can best be described by the word “epic”. At the Picnic, the band, completing the festival, held on the main stage – in fact in the field, which was on the hill stands the Church, – probably in the perfect place. Arcade Fire started with hits – and on the third song brought the room to such a state that the happiest musicians are achieved in the second hour of the concert. But taking the incredible pace Arcade Fire refused to slow down: they gave their best songs one after the other. Soloist Regin, Sassan all night Shine on stage in a suit with sequins in the middle of the concert disappeared and was on the dais with diskozalom 30 metres from the stage. On the next song there proceeded and her husband, singer Win Butler, in a soaking wet sweat shirt. The audience enthusiastically followed the movements of the musicians, sang and danced with the feeling with which they sing for too long people have waited for this concert; almost religious sense of belonging to a community, a spiritual feast was kept all night. And when at the end of the Arcade Fire began to play the Intro to Wake up – its probably the main hit, and started the fireworks – was a catharsis. In General, it was epic, really.

Thank you Moscow. Amazing energy last night.

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